More Things That Are Wrong, just plain wrong


It’s all a right wing conspiracy mate, everything.


Any and all ills in the world are traced back to a right wing conspiracy and vilification of the other. This is @Sidney stock answer to all issues. Just copy and paste that into every thread because you are a broken record.


No, because one of your baldy, pasty, ugly useless cunt who has never worked a day in their life schizo selves would have given your other baldy, pasty, ugly, useless cunt whom has never worked a day in his life schizo self the five dollars to buy the hat. Then that second baldy, pasty, ugly, useless cunt whom has never worked a day in his life schizo self would buy the hat.

As in reality, your two baldy, pasty, ugly useless cunts who have never worked a day in their lives schizo selves are in fact the same person, they’d be paying for the hat, and thus the hat would not be free.

But it would have a higher IQ than both of your baldy, pasty, ugly useless cunt who has never worked a day in their life schizo selves put together.


Sure most Dublin people can’t afford to buy a house in Dublin. It’s mostly muldoons that work in the public sector that can afford to buy houses in Dublin. Dublin people can afford to buy houses in shit-holes in Louth, like Drogheda or Ardee. Or, if they’re lucky they can afford to buy houses in shit-holes in Meath, like Ratoath, Enfield, etc.


that’s not what he said. some of it glaring right wing populist bullshit. like throwing up anecdotal examples of neighbours who are sponging lay abouts and extrapolating from that that everyone is a dosser on a handout.
likewise there is a fair amount of left wing denial that certain people are indeed useless layabouts who sponge off the system, often for generations
or that a free place to live is for all intents and purposes a free place to live (not that that is in and off itself a bad thing, depends on circumstances)

the truth and the answers are probably somewhere in the middle though


Right-wing populist bullshit is demonstrably the root of many of the world’s problems, though. Deep down you know this full well, and that’s what kills you.

Can you name me one positive thing that right-wing populist bullshit of the sort you follow like a six year old following a football team is doing for the world, or ever has done?

This is a serious question. Think carefully, now. You’re generally not very good at answering serious questions.


Of course many people need assistance with basic needs due to medical, health and God knows what life has thrown at them. You’d want to have a cold heart to see someone who is unable to work or not of sound mind to go homeless. This is just his stock answer to everything though. There is also a benefits culture in Ireland outside of the people that really need help and if someone wants to ignore that reality go right ahead.


There’s no need to lower the blade on @tazdedub like that mate, I thought better of you TBH.


you’d have to define “benefits culture”.
the largest recipients of benefits in Ireland for the last 60 odd years have been rural farmers

but I wouldn’t say Ireland has a benefits culture on the whole, unless you want to take a Libertarian view on things

there will always be some that will milk the system (and there’s plenty of wealthy people doing that too). I’m sure we all know of able bodied people that lived through the boom times of the Irish economy on the dole, and as someone with a fairly left wing slant politically I find that rather annoying that people can pull that stroke off. but those people are a very very small minority


That’s your problem right there pal. It’s not a football team for me like it is for you, where left wing good, right wing bad. Vulnerable people need help, and the State should help vulnerable people structurally and economically but people take advantage and any criticism of those who take advantage seems to be beyond the pale to your types (or just you). But you are ideologically bent to decry any problems in the world as the fault of ‘right wing’ or 'capitalism. It’s exhausting.

If you are asking what has capitalism ever done for the world then you’re further gone than I thought.

Just copy/paste ‘right wing’ ‘vilification of other’ into every thread. Don’t bother with any adjustments.


Right-wing populist politics of the sort you and others here follow like a football team denies this in favour of the bullshit mantra of “personal responsibility”.

All over the world, right-wing populist bullshit is trying to destroy welfare states and any sort of government provision that would actually provide basic housing, medical, income or education needs.

It’s trying destroy that in order to feather the nests of right-wing populist bullshitters and their cronies, the sort who take no personal responsibility for their own actions whatsoever.

Of course there’s a benefits culture among a small minority.

The point is, how much is it costing this state or other states in which one exists? The answer is a fucking drop in the ocean in real terms, and a drop in the ocean in terms of the media coverage it receives and which deflects from the real problems facing societies.

That’s why politicians love focussing on it - it’s a cheap, easy deflector, a cheap, easy way to divide and conquer, and a cheap, easy way for media to generate relentless clicks from simpletons like you and others here.


The blade needs lowering Matthew. Unfortunately, the thread it needs to be lowered in is the subject of an omertà. Hence, I’m scouting around for random threads to lash out in. I’ll probably take a pot-shot at O’Dowd next for spending a full day making a mix-tape for Flatty.


The best thing that could happen those 6 childeren is they get taken off of their mother and sent to foster care where they might be guided thru education and learn some life skills and hopefully pick up some work ethic and in time end up paying their own way in life.

Giving their mother a free house ow will just ensure they get no chance at life and end up useless like her and another tax payers burden.


I’m in favour of the welfare state in principal, mate. Not everything should have a profit motive, housing, medicine and education for starters. Your man just types the same bingo buzzwords every time.


Not only is right-wing populist bullshit a football team for you, pal, you have a cap, a rattler and little rosette with its colours pinned to your breast.


Ok, pal, you’ve dragged me down the @Sidney wormhole. You win. I’m going back to my spreadsheet.


A Tour de France from @Sidney tonight. The Tory boys are windmilling all over the place.


Living beside other people must be horrible


How in the name of Jehovah can right wing populism be the root of any, let alone many, of the world’s problems when it’s a very recent phenomena in terms of having any political power? In the US for example the radical right was always a marginalized group, and it’s leaders consistently failed like Barry Goldwater and Pat Buchanan. I’ve tried to explain this point to you for two years now but you still don’t get it. The growth of right wing populism and left wing populism (Bernie Sanders and Jeremy Corbyn) are a direct result of the decades long failure of progressive governments.

The answer isn’t to lurch from one extreme to the other as you advocate, it’s for pro capitalist pro democracy centrist parties to actually represent their constituents rather than those funding their campaigns. Political corruption on a grand scale is what has led us down the path we are on.


I’d say there’s not a post here that doesn’t contain a significant amount of truth and concern. Apart from those from one left wing reactionary with some faculty and no sense.
Thomas has all the comfortable and uncomfortable truths. No-one knows where to file him.