More Things That Are Wrong, just plain wrong


Is that achievable in the current unregulated capitalist society we find ourselves dictated to by? No — Should we be striving to have a society like that? Yes. Certainly.


You have a life beyond the dreams of your great grandparents.*

  • *Limerick in an All Ireland hurling final in August.


I’m not denying that… are you saying we should just accept our lot? ---- I see your little edit there


we don’t have a society. We have individualism. Each house is an island.

Get a college education, Get a job, Get a mortgage for the rest of your life, Get married and have only 2 kids and don’t get sick.

We’ve been sold an ideal that isn’t ours.

We’re becoming a homogeneous people with no room for uniqueness or misfortune.

The people who have something have driven a wedge between the people who have nothing and the people who want to have something.

What the people who want to have something don’t realize is they are only a rise in interest rates away from being the people who have nothing.


Ah now that is bollox in a country with a tax take of 51 billion in 2017 that spends 19 billion on social welfare and 15 billion on health and 10
billion on education.

You can blame a rise of materialism for a lot of ills and a related decline in Catholic influence. Do you think women having ten kids without contraception was a good way to live.

My grandmother had 13 children. The first four died in infancy. Compare her life to my wife’s life where she has choices


what is your point?


What these people need is a massive crash to help them realise how dangerous it is to live like this.

Oh wait…


We are a mini America - gorging on consumerism and all the ills that come with it… At least our Euro counterparts still go and get fresh bread/ fruit/ veg from markets and interact with each other— we get nuclear versions from shopping centres.

I was reading there recently that your average apple has been sprayed with pesticides 25 times … and most people just eat them as they come… all other fruit is just as bad… and that’s the so called healthy food ( FYI - best thing to do with fruit is put them in basin of water with a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar - leave for 30 mins and watch the shite come off it.)

I dont know why i’m talking about any of this but essentially We have forgotten the face of our fathers


I bet there was a few lads happy to get the dole around then.


We were a country where normal was your kids dying as babies.

Education set us free except for a sub set who got left behind along the way. Education is how you fix every problem in the world. Starting from 3 year olds. Break the cycle.


That never happened.


That never happened.


You could peel the apples. You’ve too much time in your day.


what are the education rates in this country?almost every child goes to school my friend

the home and the family is the most important thing in the world my friend.


I think he’s coming onto you @TheUlteriorMotive


Can you peel blackberries and blueberries and strawberries?


But the fruit and veg sold in the markets is the same fruit and veg sold in the shops or do they have separate growing areas 1. for markets where they use no chemicals and another for the supermarkets where they spray everything with left over material from nuclear fuel plants?


It’s all about preschool. If you go to school without ever holding a book you are goosed. If you intervene then all outcomes equalize.
I have done work with and visited ELI - it’s too late at 5. Unfortunately.

At three years of age, there are already big differences in language and mathematical development between children from rich and poor backgrounds. This gap continues to widen, if it is not addressed before children start pre-school. Research, from a wide range of countries, shows that intervention in early childhood is the most effective way of influencing the development and success at school of children from disadvantaged backgrounds.


I’d still advise washing fruit from local farmer but no, not as much as mass produced … I doubt Aldi and tesco are buying from the local farmer who sells at the local market, mate… they are getting it in from massive mass produced/grown farms


I’m going to tell a real life story about my experience and probably be accused of being twee or a screaming Mary or whatever a considerate human being is called these days but fuck it

I grew up in an estate where no one had fuck all, there was one family of thirteen (13) kids who had less than fuck all even though the father had what would be considered a decent job at the time. We had at a minimum one of those kids eat with us every night of the week for dinner, and other houses in the estate had more. Also, we took minimum one of these kids with us to the seaside if we headed down of a nice day.

The estate where I live now, I say hello to my nearest neighbor and that’s it. I don’t know their names, or their kids names or where they’re from or who they are and all that separates us is a fucking wall.

I don’t think that’s for the better.