More Things That Are Wrong, just plain wrong


I told you fuckers to ate Huel.


You’re on fire in this thread in fairness,
Christ we are such a me fein society that it’s frightening when it’s presented as it has been on this thread


If you weren’t interacting with us on here all day maybe you would seek out that human interaction in the real world.

That’s the way it’s gone these days.


I washed a load of blackberries recently as described above that were bought from Tesco … after 30 mins I can only describe the gunk that came off them to look like cobwebs… People ate that everyday –


I’m tied to a computer all day in a spare room in order to earn money to feed my own family and keep a roof over their head mate.


If they all went to mass still they could chat outside the church gates and get to know each other.


That webcam business is fair lucrative.


maybe you should stop posting nonsense and log off of the internet for a while and go and knock on your neighbours door and ask if they have any stray childeren who need a trip to the seaside

i love the way everyone blames everyone else for everything in this country. nobody is accountable for themselves anymore thats the big difference between now and then.


I’d end up on a list somewhere you cunt


I’d be a poor man if I was expecting people to pay to look at what I have to offer mate.


It’s fascinating to watch. Scratch the surface just a little and it all comes out. You can’t take it with you lads!


If you are not practicing the Wim Hof breathing technique you might as well do away with yourself now!

cc @TheUlteriorMotive


His videos with the guitar are class!


I do not kill with my gun; he who kills with his gun has forgotten the face of his father.
I kill with my heart.


Thats more of the problem again, kids not knowing the face of their father.


this tinker lady has made some fool out of the oirish media. in the rush to satisfy the permanently outraged they obviously didn’t get the chance to scroll any further than the garda station posts on her facebook page


Supposedly there was a bench warrant issued for her because she didn’t turn up in court after being caught in a car with a load of stolen goods in Wexford, should she not have been arrested when she went into the Garda station?


the only outrage seems to be coming from people with your mindset, outraged that someone is looking for help and people are empathetic towards kids being homeless.

You are trawling through facebook posts looking for ways to assassinate the woman’s character.

Throw up your facebook into the public domain and see what people think of you?

You horrible cunt


If the woman has broken the law she should pay the consequences.

However, I am not one bit surprised that there is an attempt at a character assassination of a woman in need of help.

The same thing happened in Limerick recently when a woman turned down a house because it was basically falling apart and she deemed it unsafe. She was called all sorts.


"She added: “I’ve been 11 years on the housing list, they told me before I’ll be another four or five years waiting for a house.”

Margaret Cash, and her children Johnny (11), Tommy (10), Miley (7), Jim (4), Rocky (2), Andy (1) made headlines when the Inner City Helping Homeless (ICHH) charity posted photographs of the children sleeping on chairs in a waiting area with no bedding or blankets. "

so shes had all her kids while on a waiting list. surely theres a responsibility as a parent to wait until you have housing before you have more kids?