More Things That Are Wrong, just plain wrong


Johnny Cash :clap:

She deserves a big gaff for that name alone.



It reminds me of the time the permanently outraged were up in arms about the homeless man who died near the Dail. They organised a vigil and all. When it turned out he was a paedophile they all went very quiet and disappeared onto the next cause du jour.


She did it herself, maybe if the media did a bit more checking before jumping on the bandwagon they would have saved this woman a lot of grief.

She must have known that this would happen when she pulled the stunt in the Garda station. There were 7 other families in the same situation that didn’t pull a stunt like this, why are there no pieces in the media about these poor folk?

I feel sorry for the kids but not for her but she will benefit because of the amount of kids she has.


Someone must have told her if you have more kids you have a better chance of getting a nice house.


The responsibility lies with the state Art.

There are no laws against having children.

If that’s your bag fuck off to China.


the responsibility for the children lies with the parents who bring them into the world, and if the parent fail, then it is up to the state to take them into care


Where is Johnny now that his 7 or 8 kids are camping out in a Garda Station? Pity he didn’t use a johnny.


You have a lot of hatred inside your heart.


In this country if you want to have a big family you need to be on Social Welfare. Folks not on social welfare cant afford to have big families as they couldn’t afford and wouldn’t get any help of the state.


'Andy Cash is better


She’ll call the next boy Sue


i have stated repeatedly that those childeren should be taken away from that woman and put into foster care, she is destroying any chance they have of leading a happy and fulfilling life.
i am almost alone in thinking of the childeren in this case. for others, like you, this is a point scoring excerise against society, against the government, against the multinationals, against everyone really.
meanwhile in the best case scenario for you those childeren will continue to live with that woman in a free house with no hop in life apart from continuing the cycle of uselessness.
you should be ashamed of yourself.


I think Taz began in a slightly more Christian way but he’d become entrenched now with the arrival of the Catholics and their hate


and she has taken to this measure to try and provide a roof over her childrens heads. That’s what it’s come to, right or wrong she may have done in the passed. She for whatever reason has had to take all of her kids to sleep at a Garda Station because she has been on a housing list for eleven (11) years and was told 5 or 6 more. If she gets a house out of it I’m delighted for those kids.

The picture was posted by a homeless charity. If she has courted publicity then unfortunately she is going to get the dregs of society commenting on her plight and assassinating her character.

As usual, this has descended into a farce, instead of discussing the source of the problem and how to solve it. People focus on the individual case and it’s merits.


She was offered a house for 300 a month in Tallaght last month. For a family of 8 people

She refused to spend it but is able to buy crystal and booze.

She is also a person who has been found in possession of stolen property. She should be in prison and her kids in care.


you are an awful gullible halfwit who would belive anything

she was pissed out of her brains last week on crates of beer and naggins of vodka after coming out of a sunbed
she is a disgrace and her childeren are vulnerable. people like you are very very dangerous.


yeah because putting the kids into the Irish foster system will give them a great chance.


how many kids would you have if you didn’t have a roof over your head? how many heads would you have if you didn’t have a viable means of income?

what quality of life do those kids have?

how is it the state’s fault when there’s no such thing as personal responsibility?

the threshold IMHO has been met for an interim care order


absolutely it would give them a chance, at the moment they have zero chance