Munster Rugby - We DID start the fire (Part 2)

A side like Connacht rattling Stormers for 75 minutes would indicate Munster should be strong faves for the final. They won there already.

2/1 with the bookies.

Stormers looked happy with the semi-final result

Stormers are there to be had. Only for Carty they’d probably not even be in the final.

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I quoted it.

In fairness, whatever about Leinster v Munster for a final opponent, not having to travel that length again would make anyone delighted.

It’ll be tough but as you say winnable.

I think it’s different to Scarlets in 2017. Stormers have serious line speed but are very prone out to lads like Haley, Nash or Daly collecting kicks and bursting through traffic.

Libbock is the best outhalf in the entire league though. He absolutely pantsed us.

He is definitely the most talented but can also be erratic. His place kicking can be suspect. If he is ‘on’, he could win it by himself though.

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The crowds at Limerick matches were shocking in 2016/17 cannot be denied. Similar to Munster’s following currently. Once 2018 came around it became much harder to find a ticket, which is natural. But it always depends on a coming of success, to which you would see a huge increase in attendance in Thomond Park and away games if Munster were to all of a sudden dominate.

Limerick have always had the die hards like all counties but its swings and roundabouts in the county of Limerick, sure look at 2006’s final v Biarritz it tells the story.

Correct. Attendances can fluctuate massively in a short period of time.

Wexford had a huge following in 2019 and 4 years later are barely bringing anybody to games.

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First round against Tipp in 2016 was a standard crowd, around 28-30k . The game v Clare was poor alright, Teeges race was run .
Standard Limerick crowd again v Clare opening day of 2017. Limerick had a very good crowd down in Kilkenny.

Limerick consistently bring about 14-15k opening day mo matter how bad things are going. Attendances are up all over Munster with the Round Robin. Naturally, success has added some hangers on like @gilgamboa but you’re exaggerating on every level.


Are you heading @BruidheanChaorthainn?

I wish. Just too short notice for me to find anybody to travel with.

It’ll be unreal to be at.

Advantage Munster

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I have a fancy that Munster could upset the odds today.

Apparently 3,000 have travelled? In fairness, that is decent at short notice.

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I think most people do. If it wasn’t in SA they’d surely be favourites.

5 and half k tickets bought I believe. I was wondering would there be many Irish in South Africa.