Music Questions


I’d prefer to direct you to their new album, pal. I’m focusing on that now.


What bands are 11 to 14 year old boys listening to these days?
Also any suitable movies or series maybe…

I admit it, I’m looking to download some cheap Christmas presents.



Download?? You’ll be passing on a cd/dvd that you’ve made yourself as a present? Star Wars will be the big one this crimbo.


Yes, they are much appreciated in non broadband areas to the 11-14 year olds.

Comon, hit me with some names, don’t think Star Wars is available yet.


I don’t know, pal. Why don’t you introduce and educate the kids with a host of classic bands? They will be music snobs in no time looking down upon their peers. However, i’d look up the charts and see what has been popular for a while - at that age it is whatever is blasting out on the radio - black lads mostly i’d guess but i’d try and steer them away from that shite… stick on spin fm when ever you are drving and you’ll soon know - alternatively, you could just pm @glasagusban or @RamblerRED


They are flagged there now so they might come back to me. Thanks!


This thread has taken a sinister turn.


Depends what kind of youngster they are hab. Cool indie kids, angry metal guys or just into a bit of pop. But I believe cool kids will like the new Tame Impala record, Currents.


I’m twenty and listen to red hot chilli peppers quite a lot. I like old stuff too like luke kelly/bob dylan/the kinks etc. I’d listen to a lot of dance/techo stuff too like kygo etc etc.



Metal related question.

What do you make of Tool? Or would you call that metal?


As it has taken @Fagan_ODowd longer than 1 min to answer, let me step in. Tool are phenomenal. The level of detail that goes into everything they do - music, lyrics, art, live shows - is the benchmark in my opinion.

And yes - Tool fall into the “metal” genre, but more specifically “progressive metal”.


Farmer, I am not a fan of Tool. And for some reason I always considered them industrial rather than metal.

Maybe it was the name that confused me.




Reckon it must be the name Fagan - industrial is all about the repeating riffs and the almost techno beats (e.g. Fear Factory, NIN, Ministry). I wouldn’t class Tool as even close to industrial. Will post two examples in another thread @farmerinthecity.


That’s the first time I have seen Fagan schooled on music issues. Niche area but still.

Moth, fire up some stuff off Lateralus for @Fagan_ODowd on the metal thread. Fagan have you listened to that album? Surprised you don’t like it.

@habanerocat, Kendrick Lamarr’s To Pimp a Butterfly is the album of the year. But depending on age/taste the kids might want something more accessible. If they’re into hip hop at all and have any kind of decent taste though then the above is on point.


Hardly schooled pal. @fagan_odowd posts some pretty amazing stuff.

Re. Tool - coming up chuck!


There are many gaps in my musical knowledge glas. This is just one of them. Happy to be corrected.




I gave Kendrick Lamar’s latest album two listens last week. What a pile of unadulterated boring shite.

@Fran, what artists/bands are you listening to these days?


Jesus wept. Who let this cunt near a stereo.