Music Questions


Not his life partner anyway, her idea of a hoedown is midnight mass.


Or a big feed.


Oh no - I’ve drawn the ire of TFK’s wiggers.


I hope you are not including me in that? I hate nigger music.


I’m mostly regurgitating old stuff mate which mainly stems from “shuffle all” on my MP3 player.

I tend to not skip when I come across a song from one of the following bands/artists:

Fleet Foxes
Bon Iver
John Grant
Beach House
The Beetles
Grizzly Bear
Jurassic 5
Divine Comedy
The Chemical Bros
LCD Soundsystem
The Prodigy
Hypnotic Brass Ensemble

…and more that I can’t think of right now


I remember when no one knew Beach House…not it seems every wanker listens to them.


I used to listen to them in 2012, mate. Am I cool enough so or was that past the cut off date? I understand they released two albums within 3 weeks or so a while back.


You’re just about in…I gave up listening to them a couple of years ago when every wanker like Fran jumped on board.


These guys sound interesting. Are they styled on the insect or the German automobile?


Nah Valentine’s weekend, 2010 was the cut off. They played Whelans then just after the 3rd album came out. Anyone on board after that was too late.

“I prefer their earlier stuff” etc etc


You’ll see in my original post where I referred to the music as old stuff you little rat-faced bastard.



I was just trying to make Bandage feel good about himself.


@ChocolateMice, who should I be listening to now so that I can claim to be cool when band is popular with every class of wanker in 5 years time


I happened across BØRNS “Electric Love” and it was just the sort of catchy shit that cunts will be raving about before long.


My bother left Jason Isbell’s latest cd in the car. I love it.


Catchy alright, a little too catchy


Listening to him now, great for Friday evening wind down


Justin Beiber.