Music Questions


How many copies of his new album has Ronan Keating sold in Ireland?



203 copies gets you in the Top 30 in Ireland, you learn something new every day.

Incidentally, when Cheddar Plunkett was manager of the all conquering “Mere Mortals” he decided to hold a gig in the Portlaoise Rugby Club for the band. As part of the on the door sales, you got a tape of the bands killer single, “Travellin On”. This ruse managed to get the band into the Top 10 in Ireland and as a result, onto the phenomenally popular “Beatbox”, This necessitated a hastily thrown together video, the highlight of which was accordion player Pat Critchley being tied to a tree in a woods on the outskirts of Portlaoise.

IMRO changed the rules behind music sales the following year.


What’s ye’re thoughts on Christy Moore?

He’s a bit of cantankerous cunt now and an be a bit tiresome, but fuck it some of his early version of songs are powerful, songs like All I Remember and Smoke & Strong Whiskey.


I think he’s a cunt. Went to see him play in the South Court about ten years ago. All seated affair but you weren’t allowed to bring a drink in from the bar. I’m assuming that this was because he’s on the wagon but I thought it was a bit much. Is his resolve that weak?


Remember when @Bandage tried to tell us Alt-J were great and were about to take over the world :rofl:

Did he say the same about Mumford and Sons? :rofl:


This is outrageous – How does Kate Bush’s Hounds of Love go from No. 92 of the top 80s albums list in 2002 – to all the way to No. 4 in the same list in 2018?

Great to see Sade, the greatest female artist of all time, in at no.10 in the new updated list.

Fucking pitchfork.



Pitchfork basically wait to see which way the tide is going and go that way.

The treatment of the Pixies new stuff was as unfair and their gushing about their old stuff was over the top.

I’ll still have a look at those lists. Thanks for posting them mate.


There’s an 80s music channel now.

I wasted a good 45 minutes of my life last night singing along to number 2s of 1986.


It’s hard to bate a good no.2 alright :sunglasses:


What’s the difference between an egg and an oul wank?

You can bate an egg.


Can you provide us with the names of a few No. 2s from 1986 to jog our memories pal?


@Bandage - what are some of your favourite no. 2 hits from over the years?

Fairy Tale of New York is a stand out. Wonderwall is another top no.2.


Vienna is the most famous No2 of all.


It means nothing to me …

Sorry pal.


itsa notsa bad, itsa nica place.


The Warsaw version or the Joy Division version ?


Joy Division


I think it’s because there are a large number of people who go to gigs who think they’re watching some shit cover band in a pub and spend the time going to the bar, clinking glasses, annoying people, on their phones, talking etc. They’d be better off staying in a pub watching a shit covers band roaring over the music and Guinness farting their way around the dance floor.
I went to see Jeff Tweedy a few months back and it was ruined by cunts like this. They had the cheek to take videos then with the light on. Utter ignorant fucks. That’s why the bar was closed I’d say.
Can people not go a few hours without a drink and just enjoy the gig?


You waited two years to tell me all that?


If someone took a video with the lights on then they should be chucked out. That can be done with or without drink being involved.

Most gigs I have been at in small venues have been fine in terms of the bar. It is just an inflated sense of self importance that causes Moore to behave as he does.