Music Questions


Both are shit, when the band were a shitty pretend punk band before Martin Hannett came along and created one of the great post punk bands.

The “Joy Division” version actually predates the “Warsaw” version, the Joy Division version was recorded in December 77 when the band were known as Warsaw (but released on the Ideal for Living EP in mid 78 when they were known as Joy Division), and the “Warsaw” version recorded in summer 78 when the band was known as Joy Division (their planned debut album which wasn’t released).


Consistent behaviour over that time period…

The problem at the Jeff Tweedy gig was that it was just him and a guitar, so it was that type of quiet gig.


Agreed. I much prefer the Warsaw version too.


I would say it’s a toss up between being slightly better or slightly less shit.


Belle & Sebastian, Blue Nile, Frightened Rabbit, The Vaselines, The Pastels, Primal Scream, Gerry Rafferty


U2, Cranberries, Saw Doctors, Sinead O’Connor, Red Hurley, Bewitched, Boyzone

I think Scotland have the edge here ?


Teenage Fanclub and Boards of Canada for Scotland too.

Whipping Boy for Ireland.


Chris De Burgh, West Life and Gilbert O’Sullivan and it would have been a slaughter … I wanted to give the Scoth a chance.


Don’t forget Mogwai for Scotland too.


very selective, but whatabout deacon blue, marillion, the proclaimers, texas, del amtiri, bay city rollers, etc ad nauseum


The precursor to Primal Scream as well - Jesus and Mary Chain.


ad nauseum is right


Simple Minds v The Blizzards …

I think everyone here agrees that Scotland has produced far great quality than Ireland — tho U2 / Cranberries had far more commercial success than anything Scotland produced.

Well done guys - a good days work done here.


Ye forgot Big Country and Altered Images and Aztec Camera.


Marillion are English.


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something fishy about that


Lu Lu vs Twink.


You forgot the Sensational Alex Harvey band you clown…

and John Martyn (born in Surrey but raised Scottish), the Waterboys, Del Amitri, Average White Band, Incredible String Band, Nazareth, Marmalade, Travis, Biffy Clyro, not forgetting Wet Wet Wet.