Jorge Salcedo, what a character

I just done the whole lot in two sittings


Best narcos yet.


Is this the cartoon about the horse?


i thought that aswell, but lets reflect on the performance of Wagner Moura who made the whole thing as Pablo in season 1 and 2, he was a fucking savage actor I thought


Bojack is class, equally as funny as it is bleak and poignant. Looking forward to binging on it next weekend


the lad who played Navegante aswell, some actor, he was such a scumbag


Ya he was good.

I thought the blondie cop was shit and kinda took away from Pena who was much better in this one.

Salcedo is sheer class


He’s more man than a horse…


It is but it is excellent. If you like Wes Anderson films then you would really enjoy Bojack. Very similar humour and style


Finished Narcos season 3 over the weekend there. Outstanding, I think it’s my favourite current series. Mad that most of it is true too.

I think the subtitles work well cos it forces you to properly watch as opposed to half watching and scanning through TFK at the same time.


as a native Spanish Colombian speaker I love the nuances in the Colombian accents, its spot on


the scene in the bronx, when they were taking back the lab from the Dominicans, that was simply unreal, the uzi under the towel


I cannot wait to binge on this. May need to take a few days off work. And a big bag of ganja.


The second last episode of Narcos season 3 is the best hour of TV I’ve seen in 5 years. Powerful.


Which one was that?


savage tense


On episode 6 of Narcos it’s unreal,I was worried the series would drop off but if anything it’s even better now! Jorge :ronnyroar:


I love subtitles.
Not for any wankery hipster reason, but as you indicate, you really get the story


You also subliminally pick up words and phrases of the spoken language which in the case of Narcos is mostly motherfucker,boss,rat and whore.


Agree. It stops your mind from drifting and stops you from picking up your phone