he is a bit of a dick


Yeah i can’t stand Jim Carrey and can’t watch anything hes been in since the 90s. Something with him doesn’t sit right with me.


Sure he destroyed that poor girl from Tipp, the creep.




The Arnold strong man is worth a watch


Watched episode one of Suburra last night. The Italians are a sleazy bunch.


It’s a grower


La Mante is good so far.
Bit graphic (not sexual)


Why can’t I watch this on I player?


It’s on Netflix.


The frozen dead?

That’s pretty good alright


I think so.
La Mante is good so far.


What’s it about?


A murder.
A few murders.


Could you be a bit more pacific?


Decapitation, suffocation, castration, drowning in a car sort of thing.


It’s about a few murders so?


I was trying to be pacific, but yes. I don’t think your man chopped his own todger off before decapitating himself with a bandsaw.
It’s not set in Wales.


Eh spoiler mate


Finished season 2 of El Chapo cracking stuff better than Narcos for me,the Mexicans are ruthless little cunts.