its a great show


That’s pretty much the opening act bud.


Finished a show called Retributiom there. It was originally called One of Us on BBC.

Four episodes. I enjoyed it. Set in the Scottish Highlands.


Got this. Did you miss season 1?

The frozen part is season 2 where I think BBC jumped.

Excellent anyway.

And I love the lead girl. Beautiful


Watched season 1 after.
La Mante is great.


Ya little relevance from 1 to the other.

Le Mante was goodish. I prefer witnesses by a good bit


Have you seen braquo?
The best of them all.


Ya. By far.
Absolutely brilliant.

It’s been shelved I believe unfortunately


Bummer. I love the foreign crime/murder dramas, my theory being that only the better ones get picked up. Mind you there’s a very mediocre one about a black African soccer player got murdered in France. There’s a dam in it. Its beige.


The French version of spooks, let bureau iirc is absolutely top class.


Must check thag out.

My theory is reading the subtitles means we concentrate more and we are just a bit lazy watching English language programmes


It said that the second series of le bureau is the finest television ever made in France.
It’s a really good show I think. Need to persevere a bit to get into it, but we’ll worth the effort.


I’ll be able to speak French soon at this rate.

I think Spiral is a top 5 TV show for me.

Have you watched that?

It has Audrey Fleurot in it. An added bonus




I have indeed.


Audrey is in Witnesses also. A pleasant surprise


Finally got round to watching that Icarus documentary - really enjoyed it.


Hey how did you watch Le Bureau?

Can’t find an English subtitle version


Any help here fella?


I think it was on amazon prime. That or Netflix.
It’s well worth it.


I’ll have a look when I’m on a laptop!