Found it. On Prime

Flatty the 2nd series of witnesses was disturbing. More so cos that shit happens for real.

Quite close to True Detective though in story line


Right. I’m thinking of watching something on Netflix for the first time. I’d love if some of you could recommend something. Open to any suggestion.


For a gastronome such as yourself you won’t go wrong with this.


The documentary about the Palio.


Line of Duty if you havent seen it


Top shout.


Have you gone?


I was at it a long time ago Kev. I can still picture it vividly. It was amazing.


Shows or movies?


You could start with House of Cards.


No. I’d love to.


I lived there for a while. What a spot. Went back for Palio

Will be gone soon i’d say



El Chapo
Master of none
Friends from College
The Crown
Grace and Frankie
Stranger Things…

Decent collection from all genres there.


Thanks. I watched 2 episodes of this and enjoyed them very much.


Lovely afternoon there finishing off Stranger Things season 2.

It’s pop corn tv but on to the second half of Designated Survivor season 2 now. :see_no_evil:


@caoimhaoin I finished Suburra. Enjoyed it.


Ya so did I .

Good characters in it.

The conflicted nature and complexity of the main man is superbly done


That’s good enough for me, think I’ll give that a whirl


It’s quite highbrow


The gyppo was a good laugh