I started watching ‘seven seconds’ earlier and got through three episodes. It’s about a black teenager whose killed in a hit and run and there’s a big cover up to protect who did it. I think it’s good so far anyway.


Ah well, :pensive:
I ate in Chang’s first restaurant when he was a nobody, followed his career with interest since.


Is Marseille any good? Going through a french phase, watched a doc on french soccer/society yesterday on the flix, fairly interesting


It looks very good, from the same lads that did The Killing.

Will start on that once I finish Fargo season 3. Ewan McGregor :clap::clap:


I’ve watched 6 of Fargo 3 now, definitely the weakest series but tremendously watchable all the same


The accent gets me every time.


I preferred it to season 2, that flying saucer bollocks ruined season 2.


True, I’ve never been to Minnesota, it’s a great accent, nobody has quite managed to OTT it as well as Frances McDormand


I was at it this summer. What an experience. Went to the trial run the day before. Place was buzzing.


What’s that Hitler drama on Netflix like


He dies at the end


The build up is great.

It’s actually quite close to GAA Championship in its origins thru representing the Contrada (Parish)


We were staying just outside and went in for the two days then at the end of the week and the winning Contrada were parading around the place still. It was brilliant. It is definitely something I’d recommend to people and it’s something I want to go back to.


We all die at the end pal.


Those who are dead do not die.


That wasn’t him


Six episodes in and this is excellent lads.


I came on here to post about Seven Seconds.

Only a few episodes in and I think its very good.

I find the DA lady with the drink problem to be very attractive.


In Argentina. Aged 82


Unsurprisingly I thought it was utter rubbish.