I wouldnt say it’s rubbish but there’s a good few holes in it - mainly surrounding the cops and their story.

From the point of view of the family/ black community and some of the law stuff it’s not bad. Good/topical message but not delivered the best.


Watching Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid… A tour de France from Redford and Newman.


‘Who are those guys’


Fargo hitting new levels


Finished this.

Very enjoyable but didn’t know what to make of the ending which is probably what the writers wanted due to the attachment to the various characters.

Fish Rinaldi :ronnyroar:


Just finished it myself. It petered out quite disappointingly for a finish IMO. The last 2-3 episodes I just didn’t care anymore and had to struggle through just to get to the end. I thought around the middle third it was really good. Overall i’d find it hard to recommend and could only give it a 6/10.

Started Counterpart last night and watched three episodes. TK Simmons is a master of his craft. He is ably assisted as it turns out but he makes anything he is in IMO.


Anyone watching Wild, Wild Country?

Half way through the first episode and it looks very promising. Sounds like the type of thing @tassotti and @TheUlteriorMotive would have been involved in if they were around in the early 80s


I’ve watched two episodes. It’s mental.


Dirty Money is excellent. Their expose of HSBC particularly cutting


It’s a template pal


Mentioned it on another thread. Its excellent.


The Defiant Ones about Interscope Records is quality.


Gangsters in suits with finance degrees.


Absolute scumbags who hold a get out of jail card every time


Watched it a few months ago. Its excellent.


Is The Handmaids Tale worth a watch anyone?




Any less effeminate posters care to weigh in here?




Yes… It’s very slow moving but enjoyable.