Bitterness like that will corrode your creativity mate.

I’d say the thoughts of dying in a pool of your own piss like Una Taffee must haunt the fuck out of you :rofl:


Anyone watched Evil Genius?

Worth a watch?


Wild wild country lads. Great shut altogether. True story cult shit.


I finished it today, great story. I was in the fucking dalles a few months ago. Is there a spoiler thread it could be discussed? A few serious wrong uns there


I’ve watched 1.5 episodes and think it’s only ok and a little bit boring tbh. Does it get better or is it just not for me, mate?


If you’re not into it you’re not into it. I’d say leave it be. No harm no foul.


Did you know that the quare fella holed up in Jury’s hotel in Limerick for a few weeks when the shit hit the fan.

I’d have a grudging respect for the woman but I thought he was an awful cuuuuuunt


Would this have counted as time served?


The new season of 13 reasons why will be released Friday


The old footage is amazing. They look unbelievably happy. It’s weird.


I must read up on it more.

I don’t think the Bhagwan had much badness in him. He was a harmless philosophical sort who liked shiny rolls royces and couldn’t say no to cashed up European poontang. Who can?

Sheila was a certified psychopath however. As for that Aussie fruitcake.

I loved the local roasters, especially the roundly lad with the beard. He knew the craic.


The Nike heir?


Not bowerman the lad who was on the council with the rajneeshis


Anyone watch the Alienist? Pretty good, gritty as fuck.


Watched the first episode of Unabomber, seems ok.


Takes a while but worth it. Watching safe now. Alright so far


Anyone watched the latest series of Archer? Big fan but thought the last series was a bit meh.


Thought it was utter gash tbh. It’s gone downhill a lot since they had to wind up ISIS


+1. I see the latest series is another coma series which doesn’t give me hope. I’ll probably give it a lash anyways, you usually need to set aside at least an hour to watch anything on Netflix these days, having a bite-size 25 minute show is no harm.


Yeah, the whole coma thing is shite and they’ve fucked up the 2 best characters: Pam and kreiger.

That said, I’ll give it a shot