Evil Genius anyone ??


It’s entertaining. Mainly as it’s a true story. Crazy stuff really


Just started this last night
Good stuff so far.


I’m finding it a little drawn out but I’ll stick with it. (It’s probably not drawn out at all because a shitload happens obviously. It’s just not gripping me yet).


For anyone who likes true crime stories “The Staircase” is a captivating watch. Sorry of a vietnam war vet turned columnist and novel writer who lives a very salubrious lifestyle in a mansion in a leafy suburb of North Carolina. He is charged with murdering his wife. A classic who dunnit story.


Just finished Unabomber. Only 8 episodes but really decent.

Might start “The Staircase” next on your recommendation.


Give Mindhunter a go if you haven’t already.


Halfway through The Staircase. It’s long but I think it’s excellent.

Much more interesting being done as a fly on the wall as the case unfolds and seeing all the prep work than as a retrospective.


Ken Burns’ The Vietnam War has recently gone up. Started it last night, excellent so far.


Cheers for that. I loved his civil war one


Note, he co-directed the Vietnam one but didn’t write it.


Yeah the French documentary makers had 650 hours of recordings and compressed it into an 8 hour series. Its extremely well made and you dont hear or see them once which in essence is a proper fly on the wall documentary. Well thats not entirely true actually. Later on in the series in one highly emotive scene you can see how impartiality might not be high on the agenda. I’ll say no more.

What does your gut tell you so far? Do you believe he did it? For me I think he is an extremely manipulative and narcissistic character and clearly a very intelligent man but his recollection of events of that night is extremely vague and the authenticity of that 911 call is under question also.


So far I don’t like him. I don’t find him credible but I think the evidence is weak and often irrelevant or stretched. I’m not warming to the prosecution at all.


Was there no elevator?


There was some kind of stairlift alright which is used to bring disabled/old people from top to bottom or vice versa.


2nd Season of GLOW is out today.


Is that the women wrestling show? Any good?


First season was decent. I liked it.


Two episodes in to this, liking it so far.

Inmate Ed :clap::clap::sweat_smile:


It’s absolute superb IMO. Can’t wait for season two.