I enjoyed The Bank Hacker.
A bit far-fetched but not as bad as Mr. Robot which I just dropped.
Subs, but some parts in English…

In fact I’m off to post his lookalike now.

The real Griselda…


Kieran Crowley seems like good craic.

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Its excellent👍

Full of the joys

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The Bear is brilliant and all too relatable


The three episode arc midway through season 2 is a high point of prestige tv

Halfway through S1. It’s top drawer TV

Oh you are in for a treat.

Jeremy Allen White Cooking GIF by The Bear


Just started watching something called Loudermilk
He runs AA/NA meetings, but has no full time venue


Finally finished it yesterday.Enjoyed it.
Sophie is one beautiful woman ill have to say!

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I genuinely laughed out loud at those screenshots, that was classic, must find this show.

The only time I’ve ever laughed at one of your posts, life’s full of surprises.

Captains of the World is very well done in fairness. Must have had some budget

An easy watch with some lols thrun in. Loudermilk is who i want to be when i grow up.

Watched a French submarine film called Le Chant du loup (The Wolfs Call) tonight on Netflix. Watchable enough for fans of the likes of Hunt for Red October or Crimson Tide

Christ you are scored