Is Buddy Stephens still with them?


New school this season


Saw the first few episodes of the Juve thing, not great. 2nd part they just added for the second half of the season might be better


Assume it is similar in style to the Liverpool one a few years back


Anthony Bourdain’s The Layover is a great watch for anyone into food or travel shows


Episode 6 about the Tet offensive was extraordinarily


You almost felt like you were there…fairly gripping stuff alright.


Enjoyed the first 2 episodes. Had heard bad things about the coach, but I actually quite like him so far, I despised that Buddy Stephens cunt.

Don’t think the cast of players are as interesting as the guys from the first 2 series. Yer man Malik Henry is an awful wanker.


Awful shite


Indeed. I was almost overpowered by it.


Jesus that coach is one of the biggest cunts that was ever on the telly Matty!!!


Surely this cunt will never again get a coaching job after this. Hes an absolute physco


For soft snowflakes pushing ‘inclusion’ yes…

He’s dealing with cunts a step away from doing drive bys.


Season 3 of El Chapo is up.They dubbed it in English by default I was like eh could have sworn this was subtitled! Changed the audio back to original Spanish and threw the subtitles on again,proper order.


Ah shtap



Watching Last Chance U, Coach Brown is a bigger cunt than Buddy Stephens. Never thought I’d see that. He’s just cussing and shouting at volume 10 the whole time. No apparent coaching. Every statement he makes is about him and how he’s from the streets, know what I’m saying? Malik the QB is clearly more intelligent than he is and he resents it. He’s just a loadmouth prick.


Great victory over Garden City in episode 3 and all he can talk about is the other team saying he can’t coach. The players must have despised him.


Any one watch the ‘QB1’ show about top high school QBs?


5 episodes in to new season of Last chance U. New coach is shit and few interesting players. QB Malik is a fucking arsehole. I’ll stick with it for another 1 or 2 episodes though.