Buddy Stephens was a cunt but he was box office.


Malik has a real air of Rory McIlroy about him.


Is that new Matt Groening show up to watch now? Anyone had a look at it?


El Chapo is back!

cc @codegreen


I didn’t finish it, il get back in to it some evening when I’m too sick to go to the pub


Six episodes into the Vietnam doc. Compelling stuff. It’s fantastic. The embassy invasion in Tet Offensive was brilliant stuff. Only quibble is no mention of the drugs consumed by many American marines which was rife. Would like to hear more about it


Just watched the first episode today. It’s unbelievable.


I’m pretty sure it gets mentioned alright


What’s it called?




Ken Burns Vietnam War


It’s brilliant.


Il watch the Vietnam doc the week of the AI keep my mind preoccupied. The Viet cong were a great bunch of lads.


Ken Burns does exceedingly good documentaries


The alienist was an awful load of drivel. No doubt Michael D. Higgins thought it was delightful.


He has the whiny voice, strut and pube head down to a tee.


Too good. Watching other documentaries after a series of his is unsatisfactory.


Finished Last Chance U last night. Meh. Definitely the weakest of the 3. Coach Stephenson was a cunt but had some redeeming features whereas Coach Brown just comes across as a completely self-absorbed dick. Malik was an utter arsehole throughout although felt a bit sorry for him at the end as his Dad is a scumbag I’d say.

It was weird as well the way they had the lad from Mr. Robot bulk up and play the part of Rakeem Boyd. Overall pretty disappointing I’d have to say. On to new episodes of Chapo for tonight though.


Utter shite


Better call Saul is back next week