Always looked as though he was drunk. Wouldnt be surprised if he was one of those irate functional alcoholic types. His demeanour definitely softened about two thirds the way through. Maybe head of college had a few words with him. He was a complete narcissist. Even his pre game speech before garden city game was around the spat he had with the headcoach previously.


Is it worth the effort?




Better than Breaking Bad imo. Had actually forgotten there was another season of that to look forward to soon. Shwate as a nut.


This is decent

Far better than last chance U


Wheres that found dan?


Yeah it picks up as it goes along… Friday night lights type stuff.


When does Hard Knocks hit our screens?




First Browns game is next weekend so probably a few days after


Season 3 of Last Chance U so far is a quite entertaining omnishambles. Episode 4 is pure chaos.


Do you not think the coach is an almighty prick? Frank Diaz is a gentleman.


A team is reflective of the head coach personality. He has built a calm, relaxed, cohesive, settled atmosphere.


I’ve found myself talking like Frank since I finished the series. Know what I mean, big dog?


Mike Ermantrout :ronnyroar:


I haven’t bothered with the last episode. Is it worth watching? A most unlikable bunch involved this year. Couldnt take to them at all. The special episode following up on the last season was very good. Great to see miss Wagner doing well.


watched a fish called wanda last night after it popped up on Netflix.

still a c-c-c-c-classic


Ah you may as well watch the last episode if you sat through the rest but it’s only ok. Where’s this special follow up episode you speak of?


Oklahoma city is a fascinating watch. Essentially about Timoty MCVeigh and the bombing in Oklahoma city in 1995 but also touches on Waco and what lead to growth in white supremacy groups.


Watched Better Call Saul first episode in series 4 last night and it was shite. Was a fan up to now but will give it another chance next week.