Have they not come up as a series??
I enjoy BCS, watching series 2 of Peaky Blinders at the moment, I’d love to watch the Vietnam thing but my missus probably wouldn’t go for it and I wouldn’t have the time to watch it myself


I could only see 1 episode there but maybe there are more. A bit like you I can only watch the Vietnam thing when the missus is working night shifts. Phenomenol series.


Ah the Vietnam doc is a must watch. 18 hours over 10 episodes won’t tax you too severely. It’s excellently made, some terrific music and wonderful cinematography. Some heart wrenching stories in it as well. Nixon and Kissinger were unmitigated cunts.


If you go in to the season drop down it should be in there. EMCC and life after …


The stroke Nixon pulled before the 68 election killed thousands needlessly. I had no idea about that happening.


Hadn’t known about that earlier. Crazy stuff. And LBJ afraid to reveal it the coward.


He knew because of illegal surveillance that’s why but he should have I agree. The phone conversation where Nixon is lying through his teeth and lbj knows is unreal


LeBron James?


Reminiscent of Bertie showing Albert his ballot paper as he shafted him by voting for McAleese.


So my favourite player there was Bobby.

Sigh. :cry:


Why, has something happened to Bobby?


Have you watched it all?


I thought I had. Firing it up right now. Ah if something has happened to Bobby, fuck that.


Watched most of the new series of Last Chance U and the coach has grown on me somewhat. He is a complete mouthpiece but seems to have better intensions than Buddy Stevens.

Malik Henry is an utter cunt though.


Yeah, I couldn’t bring myself to hate Coach Brown. The trips back to Compton where he hung out in the barbers with his Homies was painfully bad, but he’s more of an idiot than a cunt. His in-game coaching was atrocious too and most of the team’s problems stemmed from him losing the plot on the sidelines.

Malik is fucked. His bad attitude and self-entitlement are his undoing, I doesn’t help that Coach Brown sneers behind his back because he’s from the valley and not from the hood.

Ole Miss were linked with Malik but probably pulled the plug after they watched this. Looks like he’s heading back down the JUCO route.


Malik’s heart isn’t in it. No leadership or accountability. The scene in the last episode with his dad and private coach summed it up. He is only going through the motions so the father can live vicariously through him. Sad really.

For all that coach Brown was a spoofer he was fairly consistent in his actions and behaviour unlike Buddy who was always trying to hide being a cunt on camera until he couldn’t hold it in no more and he would then explode


Finished QB1. It’s nowhere near as compelling viewing as LCU but an easy enough watch. I found it hard to care about any of the 3 protagonists. Tate is the ultimate spolied asshole qb jock although ridiculously talented and seemed on a different level to the other two. His old mans facial hair, jesus. Fromm was a standard redneck athlete who seemed to just shout ‘boom’ ‘yeah baby’ no matter the circumstances and I found Bowers very, very boring.
I thought Bowers was unimpressive in all his games but maybe that was due to the fact his WRs couldn’t catch a cold. I watched all episodes but don’t think I’d recommend it. We want Rylee.


Much the same. I didn’t mind Fromm, he was probably the most relatable. I found his girlish screams humourous.
Hard to argue with your assessment of the other 2.


You’ve pretty much summed up my thoughts on it also, you cunt.


Nailed it - Tate is a dick, Fromm is a bit touched and Bowers is pretty dull