I liked the new season of LCU. Your man hasn’t a breeze how to coach a team, he just stacked it with ringers :grinning: He thinks his shit is chocolate as well, but I found him much more straight up than that prick Buddy Stevens. At least he knows what he is.
That poor Malik chap has zero interest in playing football. The joy is gone out of it for him


Also, Fromm is the oldest looking 18 year old I’ve ever seen. The chap could pass for mid 30s.


Netflix is excellent value for money in fairness, I haven’t had to use an illegal source for anything in the last few months as there has been enough content on Netflix to keep me going.

The Staircase was excellent viewing 8.5/10. Evil Genius was average 6.5/10.

Have a bit of time off work coming so will get back to The Vietnam War then (cc @Robert_Emmet).


One of the girls in work watched 7 episodes over the weekend …she said it was one of the best docs she had ever seen and couldnt stop watching it.


Just finished watching episode 3 of the Vietnam doc, outstanding!


Anyone watching the Deuce? Potentially interesting show ruined by the fact that for some reason they felt the need to have James Franco play two characters in it, the main character and his brother. David Simon from the Wire wrote it. About the early days of porn/life as a prostitute in 1970’s New York. There’s a lot of mickeys waving around as well.
Frank Sabotka is in it cc @Big_Ducky_Moloney


Yeah i’ve seen it… it’s decent and has potential …the mock mickeys are unsettling alright - there’s no way the girls are handling real ones… it’s fairly graphic tho.


I watched it. It was fine, decent but not unmissable. Agreed on the James Franco thing.

Mods - please issue @Julio_Geordio with an infraction for talking about an HBO show in the Netflix thread.


If it didn’t have a bit of tit i dunno would there be much to it


BTW this lad is one for the people who have lost or gained weight thread




This Vietnam War series is ridiculously long yet engaging.


If there’s loads of titties in it I won’t watch it. Too hard not to knock one out every episode.




Have you a short attention span or something?


No I don’t.


Well they managed to cram 30 years of a war into 18 hours and you think that’s too long


Do you regularly watch 18 hour TV programmes?




No one does, that’s why they broke it up into smaller parts.


I’ll break you up if you’re not careful.