No sex no story.


This Vietnam doc is the new war on drugs,

Who’s gonna be brave enough to say it’s only alright?


I’ve only watched one episode. That episode was grand, like.


That’s only the intro, bro.


I thought it was unreal.

Class production.


Not you anyway


I will say the Vietnam doc tails off the last few episodes after an explosive addictive opening five or six. This was when America thought it was justified and would be a handy run out.

When I think of it the civil war one was similar. The first few episodes when the causes and the south were winning were far more complelling than the ending and clean up.


The Tet Offensive one was arguably the most important and it was around a half hour less than most of the others.


Felt rushed alright. They did the Saigon embassy wel, but the rest of the country was under siege too and they didn’t really capture it.


You’d then be moaning about the 19 hour long tv show … Ken and Co cant catch a break at all.


That’s Alanis morrisette irony right there


No it would be ironic if he was told the Vietnam war documentary was one episode and they started adding episodes each week unannounced.


Don’t ever post anything to do with her on this site, ok?



Ah TUM. the irony was the very tall farmer complaining about the length of something


You live, you learn.




Watched the first episode last night harrowing stuff we thought we had it bad over the years with the Brits this was on a different level altogether


You oughta know better.


Thank you


All I really want is to piss @balbec off.