I’m tranquillo mate.


That’ll really stick in his craw, like a jagged little pill


You Learn how to niggle lads on here after a while.


The week of an all Ireland final? When are you releasing tbe hounds?


Just another game ‘innit?



Started watching Farina, set in Galicia. If you like Narcos, you’d probably like this. I’m 3 episodes in. Based on real events.


That’s @Raylan shitting himself that Limerick might win.


I very much doubt anyone will begrudge Limerick the win mate.


Ah I would. A bit anyway.


there’s a big one incoming!!!


I’d say you’re the only one though, and even at that its marginal, you’re a good sort pal. I couldnt think of another poster on TFK from a neighbouring county to Limerick who would.


Will feel like it for ye in 5 years time. Ye’ll be like Kilkenny/Dublin treating it as a chore.


Just watched Epidode 1 of the Vietnam series. Wow, I know even less about that war and the Indochina region than @Sidney knows about US politics and working. Looking forward to the rest of the series, although it is heavy going. The Viet Minh were ruthless sobs.

Not sure if this falls under pretend watching @backinatracksuit but I quite enjoyed it.


It’s ‘too long’ for some lads and too intellectual for others… I knew you’d appreciate it tho.


Not at all mate, it’s not the likes of yourself that I’d be suspicious of at all.
I actually watched the first 40 minutes or so last night, seems pretty well done, I had the old civil war one on dvd and watched it years ago, I read chickenhawk only last year. I’ve an interest in the subject matter and the creator, there’s a few lads on this thread would struggle to follow the plot of a porno.


The Mai Lai massacre was heavy watching. We might have our own Mai Lai shenanigans on Sunday evening at the Supermacs outlet at Moneygall when coach loads of disgruntled Limerick supporters lay waste to the premises prior to annihilating hordes of innocent patrons consuming snackboxes.


Any mention of Tom Barry or Terence McSwiney?


I’m bored out of my mind. I may never read another book. Fauda was grand except for the last few minutes which ruined everything that went before. Netflix had thrown up friends as recommended viewing.
I’m seriously considering it


Almost too sweet, just about too boring but…