Would you consider top shelf?


It would need a shelf of its own. last of the summer wine/league of gentlemen /the office


Just started happy! Seriously fucked up shit but enjoyable


Bobby Bruce :disappointed_relieved:


It’s absolutely superb.


Watched the first 3 episodes of Fauda. Thought the idea was good but the acting was atrocious.


I stuck it out, it’s ropey in places but I enjoyed it. Not a patch on detectorists though.


Ozarks is back…


It is fucking unreal!


Season 1 had its moments but was only ok… This season has started well.


Detectorists…talk to me.


You’ll just have to watch it. It’s what one might call charming, or ‘delightful’. Geeky down at heel lads poking around in fields for buried treasure…at least that’s the peg used to hang an innocent amusing pleasant easy going comedy. It’s not particularly hilarious, original or profound etc. But it’s really enjoyable.



A learned friend of mine once said, “Isn’t the English man at play a funny animal?”.

That kind of sums it up.


You’re not impressed then


Bojack is back next Friday!!!


Can’t wait!


Watched it.
Few things

Coaching and S&C is farcical. As wpuld be indicated by many Americans I know. But it’s so outrageously reactive and negative when a mistake or over the top positive when they do something well.

However the standard it’s impressive. The blonde Las Vegas guy is unbelievable. Cocky fuckers but Jesus can he step up. Balls of steel and an incredible athlete. His relationship with his (gorgeous) sister is a bit weird though.

Money in it is off the charts.

The poor health if many of the players is disturbing


Good show.

TV shows are predictable now in their attempts to be unpredictable though

The Snells are a super set of characters


Only episode 1 into season 2 but Mrs Snell is one tough cookie. Probably unrale in the sack in her fictional youth


Oh you are in for a treat so :joy::joy::joy: