Any examples of this?

Id love to know what the parents of the two white lads did. Plenty of money to throw about.


Is the second season good then? First season was shite.


Ah no, Ozark 1 was very decent


The whole way thru.

The Georgian coach was the best fella.

Other 2 lost plot or opposite on every play.

It’s an act.

The technique in the gym was shameful and one lad looking after 40-50 kids. For all the money that’s mad.


An act for the cameras maybe? Surely with the conditioning they must be getting some good coaching in that sense. Fromm is flying it at college level


Has Netflix got Smoky & the bandit?



I thought I was sorted when I saw The Longest Yard on it, sadly it’s the Sandler version, although the Bandit does have a role in it.


Atypical season 2 is up.

It’s an easy quirky watch with plenty of humour on a serious subject.


No. NFL/College/High School has an awful culture of coaching on many levels. There are coaches goibg to go to jail over stuff in recent times. The abusive/punishment t training methods are off the charts.

I would suggest it’s edited back to not show alot of that


Second is a bit of a mess at the start but it tightens up well. Martys young cub gives a lovely graveside oration.



Great child character.

He really is trying to impress the auld lad


He’d buy and sell the whole lot of them. I reckon he’ll end up solving the entire conundrum…either him or the young langmore girl- it’ll be her way of breaking the curse.


As a professional in the field what’s your opinion on Joe O’connor?


The All Ireland winning trainer?


Watched the first two episodes last night, it’s a decent show.


Do not know the chap really but have always been impressed with the strength, power and movement of his teams. And freshness. Another key part

Always respected him for walking away from Davy too. Keeping them fresh with Davy must have been a nightmare


That must be a first for you Kev?


Not friends with too many irrelevant nordies


Ozarks S2 is class


Really enjoying the good place at the moment. Just finished s1 with a great twist.

Kristen bell would definitely get it.