Yea, a very decent show. The entire cast are excellent tbf. Bell seems lovely, even since back in her Veronica Mars days.


Buddy from Ozark :ronnyroar: :disappointed_relieved:


Bell has indeed always been lovely. Ted danson is fantastic but he’s been on some what of a Renaissance since bored to death.

Tahani bugs the shit out of me though.


Class show. Really enjoyed it as well.


She’ll grow on you, they all do


It’s a scream


Watching this QB1 thing. Fuck it but the yanks are mental. The pressure they put on kids is insane. There was a lad praying over one of the QBs hurt shoulder there :sweat_smile:


As long as he wasn’t saying the rosary he’s still only stage 4. A lot of those big lads seem to be called tyrone. Probably just a coincidence.


It seemed to work to be fair. He should have tried it at the start of the game though prevent it happening altogether




“Casey . Why does my ‘to do’ list say” remove stick from butt?""



American Vandal?


Not as good as the first one but I watched it all very quickly without getting too sick of it all the same


Zahid’s a gas lad, never stuck for a one liner.


Fear of 13 is worth a watch




Yeah - I’ve watched a bit of it … very quirky


Oh yeeesssss … they’ve only gone and added Platoon :ronnyroar:


Ah lovely :clap: