You’d want your head examined to watch a dubbed series. Subtitles all the way.

Heard great things about this series.


I think I had the dubbed one last night. Watched the first two episodes. The Israelis are some boyos.


Pure propaganda — Mr BBC colonial radio would be a fan alright.


Finished El Chapo.

Good show but wasn’t a fan of the voice dubbing. Subtitles would have been better.

Out of the frying pan and into the fire - started Narcos Mexico last night.


You can switch to subtitles. I wouldn’t watch anything dubbed. Wrecks my brain


Just switch to subtitles.


Try it . Lots of Choco lookalikes in it.


Fixed that bud, one mans terrorist and all that!


no idea if its netflix or not as i just use Exodus for everything but we are working thru Money Heist or Le casa de papel at the moment and whilst a bit far fetched it is easy enough entertainment.
the excellent Alba Flores does it for the lads as well


The film “Bethlehem” is a great watch also BTW lads…
The guys who wrote that ( an arab israeli and a jewish guy) actually interviewed Shin Bet and Al Aqsa Martyr operatives who work covertly on both sides of the wall in east jerusalem and in Umm al Fahm
its very good


The Sinner Season 2 3 episodes in top notch so far


Sunderland series is top top. 4 down with them just winning their first home game in a year. Fascinating to watch.


Sunderland is some kip of a town


Passionate fans though


No more passionate than Leeds or any other small city /town club


Really underwhelming last episode or two in the series.


Car crash stuff. Up there with the Peter Reid one. So much hope and belief, someone should send them a copy of unlimited heartbreak so they can see how it can all come good, eventually.


Grayson and his lisp were never going to work out


Hard to trust a fella wirh a lisp.


Anyone watched The Innocent Man on Netflix?