Any good?


That’s what I’m wondering. Trailer looks reasonably compelling.


I’m 83.33% of the way through it.

It’s grand viewing without being edge of the seat stuff.


Sounds right up my street.


I found it sluggish actually. Somehow it never ignited for me. Just another case of abuses in the American justice system. I’ll tell you one thing though, when you’re convicted there whether rightly or wrongly they fuck you off pronto to Leavenworth or Parchman with no parole.


That The Last Kingdom has some highs and lows, but the highs are very high indeed. The subterfuge, the political machinations and the pointy elbowed alliances are something to behold in S2.


That yoke with Jason Bateman and Ryan Reynolds was watchable.


Which yoke was that? There’s some fine mares prancing around


Ah I’ll find out tomorrow. Let you know then. Couldn’t be arsed now


It’s a cracking show.


I know the feeling
That bit when they saw the priest being crucified - “it’s a death my lord. Nothing more”


What yoke? What the fuck are you going on about here?


I have no fucking. In my defence, I was full of whiskey


Great show


On of the best


Season 3 is outstanding it’s getting better and better.


Would it be this yoke?



This yoke


That must have been the scene when they ran out of food


Between you and me now chief. I was full of Jameson when I posted that. I think the film was called change up or something. Watchable harmless shite with Reynolds and Bateman