Finally getting round to catching up on BoJack Horseman. Five seasons in, it’s showing no signs of slowing down. Absolutely unraleable tellyvision.


Could happen to the best of us. I’ll say nothing


Finished Narcos Mexico. Ok but nowhere near as good as the previous seasons.

Started The Innocent Man. Grand so far without being amazing.


Really enjoyed this. Incidentally, they broke the record yesterday for attendance at a League 1 game with 46k in attendance.


its good stuff allright - i vaguely remember one from the year i was doing the leaving that used to be on wednesday nights-


watch Forever Pure if you want to see something at the extreme end of the spectrum for sport
Im in the film as well as (unintended of course)
think its on netflix


hatufim is there under “hostages” - excellent


Was it this one?

I watched some of it on YouTube recently. It’s absolutely fabulous.


no- the one i am referring to was definitely Sunderland at Roker Park under Reid at the time. ( it was either last season at Roker or first season at Stadium of Light and it was on BBC1 - it was excellent )
thanks for bringing that one to my attention Brian and i know you referenced that before - i will watch that


Is the Peter reid one online anywhere?


thats it - Premier Passions @Phil_Leotardo




I can’t get over how arbitrary their transfer policy is. No wonder they ended up in league one


Yeah, I thought they were very impulsive and un-strategic for such a big organisation. I think the new owners had this in spades.


New Black Mirror drops tomorrow




I still haven’t watched any of this, is it good quality all through or more of a pick-and-mixer?


Is it just me or is that show an awful pile of Shiite


It’s like marmite and I fucking hate marmite


Given the format they are very much hit and miss. Good ones are excellent, bad ones are time stealers.