“Lord, you cannot simply execute subjects as you please. This is the ninth century”.


The bould Ethelred!



What are your top three movies on Netflix at the moment? Please nominate at least one that would suit a fella with seven or eight pints taken.


Birdbox is worth a watch if you’re really struggling.


My Best Friends Wedding will be perfect mate


Thanks, and noted.


I knew your post wouldn’t let me down.


Failing that, there’s always Ace Ventura


Is it any good? Bandersnatch or something it’s called?


It’s an interesting idea. As you go through it you make choices and that affects where the story goes. But it was a bit of a gimmick and light on substance. I didn’t think it was well executed. It also becomes a bit repetitive towards the end.

Disappointing. Not sure if it’s just a bad premise or if someone else could nail that format.


Yeah found it disappointing myself. I seem to have missed a load of story as over on reddit they are talking about a lot of storylines happening I never saw. Not arsed to go back and watch it again.


I think I watched the majority of it.


I’m enjoying the Netflix documentary Murder Mountain.


Started Tidelanders last night. Bit of a weird one but intriguing and engrossing enough to keep us watching.


Started Making A Murderer last night. It’s a true story about a dysfunctional and intellectually challenged family in which two of them (the uncle and nephew) are serving life sentences for the murder of a young realtor, but it appears that it may be a carriage of misjustice. I reckon it’ll be a massively talked about show in 2’19.


It’s shite - dont bother your hole




Watched bird box in work the other night (we were very busy).

Starts well but quickly descends into absolute shite.


Few other lads mentioned it here but the documentary about Sunderlands relegation season in championship really is outstanding. I watched the last four episodes back to back last night. Really hope they make another one next season.