I’ve 3 episodes watched so far, very enjoyable.


I watched it last week. Enjoyable enough alright. Few observations

  1. The amount of absolute cretins following soccer in the UK is unreal. 25 mins chanting Sunderland til I die, concede a goal then 25 mins chanting Grayson out, concede another and spend rest of game screaming blue murder at the dugout

  2. Why the fuck do fellas take their shirt off at matches. Ties into point 1 above I suppose. Cretins.

  3. Gibson is an unbelievable cunt.

  4. McGeady is not to be trusted. He claimed at one stage hed never played 4 3 3 and didnt know what his role should be in that system. Liardy cunt. He chipped in with his share of goals alright tbf

  5. The game is gone when you are stuck with the likes of Rodwell and fuck all you can do about it.


Well they could have not offered him the contract


Minister for stating the obvious


It seemed like you were struggling with the obvious by your post


Using the word ‘stuck’ referred to the fact he was already there. Is that not obvious enough for you?


They were stuck with him by their own doing. Its nothing to do with the game being gone. If you make bad decisions in recruitment you can’t complain when you’re put in a shit position


Jesus mate, you know what he meant, why is it always an argument?


I know what he meant and disagree with it. That’s the point of a forum


85 lost their jobs at SAFC when they were relegated from the premier league. They did not have the luxury of blaming a bad recruitment policy to justify not making a sacrifice for the good of all. I’m sure if they were asked to do 10% more for a bit less then they would do it. Rodwell didn’t even give SAFC the steam of his piss…


Finished the Sunderland programme. Enjoyable.

  • Jonny Williams seems like the nicest guy in football. Sheasy also seems a decent bloke. In fairness most of the people featured seem likeable (the chef, the taxi driver fan etc) and you find yourself rooting for them.

  • that Martin Bain comes across as a bit oily. Maybe it’s his Hun background that had me suspicious of him.

  • Chris Coleman has a lovely missus.

  • those nights when the first team and manager show up in local pubs for a Q & A session are a mixture of cringe and hilarious.

  • berating the manager, the players, the board, not turning up to matches so empty seats galore, walking out of games with half an hour left and turning on all concerned when anything goes wrong but still considering themselves the best fans in the world. :smile:

  • Sunderland have had their fair share of terrible keepers.

  • Gibson, Grabban and Rodwell are all cunts.


And Sunderland looks like a pure kip of a town


Anyone have a link to the Man City documentary on Amazon cc @Copper_pipe


The North East generally is. Newcastle is another kip.


Leave it with me.


Havent been in Sunderland but I thought parts of Newcastle were v nice in cold light of day. Kup at night alright


A place where If you go to a butcher and ask for dog bones, that is exactly what you are given.


Sunderland is meant to be much grimmer than Newcastle which is fair going. Think I said it on here already but I couldn’t get over how haphazard their recruitment policy was. They wouldn’t sign one lad because the assistant manager went to game and he was wearing gloves :joy: Is it any wonder they sank like a stone ffs. They bought another lad because someone offered him to them. I mean is that the level of due diligence that goes into these million pound deals :see_no_evil:


Considering recruitment is the most important part of football many English clubs seem to not treat scouting very seriously


The intro song for the Sunderland documentary really sums up the place.

A toxic cloud seems to hang over the place on a full time basis