The NFL does not come across all that different tbf.


I thought birdbox was very very good


As a man who dreamed of blindfolding Sandra Bullock for years, Birdbox moved me in ways I can’t explain


Just watched the first 3 episodes of this today. It really is a great programme. Their fans are fucking nuts.


Watched a few episodes of black mirror, so far so good


Finished it this evening unraleable some real salt of the earth fans and staff in the canteen and offices. The CEO came across as a slimy character.


I’m on episode 7. I think they’ll just about survive.

Gibson went completely Wolf of Wall Street on it


He certainly did he came across as a dour character. O Shea wasn’t in at all apart from a brief cameo in the last episode which I thought was odd as he was the captain


Latest one is mad,guy creating the p.c. game


Finished it today. It’s an incredible show. Complete shambles of a club. Gibson writing off half the cars on a stretch of road just summed up their season. Everything that could go wrong, did. Made for fantastic viewing.


Thought McGeady came across as a bit of a gowl too, moaning about the manager.

Grayson, Cattermole, O’Shea and Williams all seem proper football men. Hope that Honeyman lad gets on well with his career too.


I thought McGeady was right in what he said. Coleman came across as a very likeable man but he seemed to spend more time making pleasantries with the staff than advising the players


I thought Grayson came across as totally uninspiring.

The chief executive hadn’t a clue.

Coleman did his best in what was a toxic situation


Which episode is that? There’s 4 episodes of season 4 on Netflix at the moment


Latest one AFAIK ,games designer, interactive,mad




I watched that Bandersnatch the other night and I must say it’s the biggest load of bollocks I ever had to misfortune of sitting through.


I agree ,waited ,waited,waste of time


Putting me off the whole lot