You should see Middlesbrough


Ah that’s not a very fair assessment to make on a few minutes of highly edited footage


If Chris Coleman was chocolate, he’d eat himself.


If you were a fanny you’d also eat yourself — but you’re not, you’re just a giant cock so you suck on yourself instead.

You cock sucker.


He’s a Newcastle fan.


You’re a KOK.


That is a very fair comment but it tallies with what McGeady was saying as well


Sunderland first team are playing against Newcastle u21s in the checkatrade trophy tonight :laughing:


Is that a big deal up on Toonside?


That looks a lot more like it for season 3. That gives me until Sunday to finish Billions so.


Is Billions worth persisting with? I watched the first series but didn’t go back.Damien Lewis has a face you’d love to smack, even more so in Billions.


Very good I think.


I’m really enjoying it. Agreed about Lewis alright which is why I gave up on it the first time I tried watching it ages ago. That mouth is just so punchable. I gave it another chance because it’s on my dodgy box and I’ve done 2.5 seasons in last 4 weeks or so. I’ve fallen head over heels in love with Wendy Rhoades though. I love her more than life itself.


Ah sure it might lift the depression for one night up there


She is unreal.


I am watching ‘You’ at the moment. Surprisingly very good I think and I am completed bowled over by the Beck character.


Unbelievably sexy, but not in a slutty way. Smart as a button as well.


It’s excellent. Beck is tremendous as you say.

Gypsy, is also worth a watch fyi.