Season 2 is out now.

Three different quarter backs. None of them seem as annoying as that Malik cunt from the first season.

The lad at St John Bosco’s looks a top, top player.


Mark Bain is based on the David Brent character, surely.




Watched the first two episodes of that Sunderland show and found it quite boring and disappointing.

I thought it was going to be all access, genuine fly on the wall based on posts here, but it’s contolled access really.

You had plenty of “real time” set pieces to camera from Bain, Grayson etc so the crew was always present, but Bain told the cameraman to move away for the likes of the Ross McCormack deal falling through minutes before the transfer deadline passed.

It’s just kind of chronological little snippets of chats with various club personalities mixed with atmospheric shots of the city and (training) ground.


All it does is it makes you start questioning humanity. You see a significant number of vitriolic bottom feeders roaring and screaming at fellas trying to do their job while being understaffed and chronically mismanaged. I’m not sure the motivations behind allowing an access all areas fly on the wall documentary from a Sunderland standpoint but it can’t have helped the clubs image. The desperation levels on transfer deadline day was like a young lad in Coppers trying to score a 2 ton Tessy at half 2 in the morning.


I’m sure when they signed up Sunderland were arrogant enough to believe they’d bounce straight back up to top table.


Yes I found it dull as well and now that my opinion has been validated by @Bandage I can stop watching it.


I’m going to keep watching it as I want to see what “serial adulterer” Chris Coleman was like in this environment.


A creep.


I’m enjoying The Innocent Man despite the so-so IMDb ratings.

About half an hour left in The Roosevelts, top quality. Despite being wheelchair bound FDR was a bit of rogue.


Agreed. The only interesting parts are when the players are in the physio room talking to each other and McGeady in one of the episodes near the end talking about Coleman


Is that a Ken Burns creation?


It is. Very enjoyable viewing.


Not like you to take a contrary position mate.

It’s not meant to be an all access documentary, if you thought it was that’s more on you. It’s about living in a shithole like Sunderland which has nothing going for it but a soccer team and the outsized importance of that then to the the city.

You can see why the types featured in it would vote for brexit really. World has left them behind


Watched the first couple of episodes of F is for family last night. Very enjoyable.


The opening pieces about how peoples lives revolve around the football team are what I find fascinating. The bit with the undertakers in episode 6 or 7 is so weird yet a bit mind boggling.

The sheer rollercoaster of emotions of the supporters is also fascinating to watch.


No need for you to take that tone with me.


on season 3 of pinky blinders. very good fare, tbf


Best show in years


Is that a show about gay thugs?