Whatever you’re into yourself,slip away into your dark fantasies


You just don’t get it, pal.


Nope, pikeys. Its a good show man. Tom Hardy is excellent


A very good show. Agreed about Hardy, he’s brilliant in it. Just finished Season 4.


The irish stuff is very good too.


I think Peaky Blinders is a pile of shite.


Seriously? Just goes to show you, naught as queer as folk


I watched something there this evening on Netflix called Ghost Stories i think it was, a movie with your man that was in the Office and season one of Fargo in it, also the fella who played the gardener in the Fast show was in it. I thought it was pretty good.


Never got into Fargo,is it worth it?


Season two was excellent i thought, season one not bad either. I didn’t watch season three knowing that Ewan McGregor plays two characters in it, couldn’t warm to that idea.


I watched one episode but something else caught my eye,as we’ve one TV,my teen and I rarely agree on what to watch nowadays,bar docs


Enjoyed all three seasons of it. Couldn’t pick my favourite.


Think of the man in the high castle,and homeland


Cardinal was good


‘juvenalia, the prosecution of minors in New York State’


Sex Education is very enjoyable fare.

Gillian Anderson :heart_eyes:


‘You’ is awful predictable drivel.


Is tin star any good?


Is it on Netflix now? I started watching it in S1 and lost interest


Saw it advertised in Channel 4