It’s been fairly panned by critics


Think there was 4 or 5 minutes of nonsense filler between bell and chidi in the last episode


Like all such shows, there’s always a danger when they eventually put the main love interests together


Indeed, especially when they don’t work at all


“You” - I found it has a similar theme to Dexter


Watched “Derry Girls” on Netflix the last two nights with the wife. it was better than “The Young Offenders”.


Season 2 confirmed. Its decent


Derry Girls is different gravy.


Very well done I thought.


It’s much better though I fail to see why you needed to make the comparison :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Tommy Tiernans father in law is a great character :grinning:


Because I knew I’d get a reaction.


The Ted Bundy four part series on Netflix is brilliant, even if you’re familiar with the details.I thought I knew the story but I learned some new stuff that I won’t spoiler for those who want to watch it. It would be especially interesting for someone who doesn’t know the Ted Bundy story. I thought episode one was a bit boring but from episode two onwards I couldn’t turn it off.


Ive just finished the first three. Unbelievable stuff. A pure psycho


I watched a couple of episodes of that Nightflyers last night. Bizarre enough stuff so far. I’ll watch another few though.


Tom the busker has a cameo part.


The way things are going in it, a busker playing accordion appearing in the middle of the spaceship, wouldn’t be beyond the realms of possibility.


Cant be bothered to read through and see if its been mentioned ,but parfum is really rather good.
Its not for children mind. Two red triangles id say.




Quite an intriguing first episode. I’m in.