Polar is a good ,if unnecessarily gruesome film.


The reviews are shocking easily the worst Netflix original being the general consensus.


There are lots and lots worse. Tries too hard to be kill bill, but i enjoyed it.


I binge watched that bundy series last night. I feel like he won in away, they still on about him and fascinated still after all this time. Hope the proceedings go to the familys of the dead women.


Is there any point to this ‘the good place’ shite? I’m three epusodes in and i think i’m being mugged off… again


Undercover is a worthwhile watch, a BBC cast-off. Corrupt cops tinged with a tint of racial undertones set basically in London.
6 X 55min episodes…the UK version of Callanan’s tenure as Commissioner. Cunts.


Just finished that there myself. Never knew much about Bundy other than the very basics. Mad the absolute circus that followed his trials, he struck me as a real idiot savant rather than the genius everyone seemed to be eager to make him out to be. Nobody really comes out of the documentary well for a finish, although I liked that cut of that Florida prosecutor Dekle’s gib, a real straight shooter.


That’s something they were pushing a lot on the documentary, that Bundy wasn’t the genius he was made out to be at all. I think an element of that is that the people interviewed were close to the story and they loathed Bundy so much that they didn’t want to give him the gratification he craved, which would have been calling him a genius which he would have loved. It was pointed out that he wasn’t a genius in school etc. From my own perspective i couldn’t but put him in the genius bracket after watching the documentary, the way he manipulated so many people and went under the radar for so long, not to mention the escapes and evading capture. Unreal stuff. He might never have never been captured again the second time only that he went on a new killing spree. Now he certainly had a massive massive ego and it was an error representing himself in court, whether he would have got off or not is up for debate but he was fairly cooked when he represented himself. Ultimately he wanted notoriety.


I dunno. When he first started he was able to disappear a woman, got rid of the bodies etc. Made sure to the vest of his ability that there was no trace. (NOT calling him a genius at all- he told people his real name and used his own car ffsake. ) when he got free and went to florida he went absolutely postal. Just battering as many women as possible. 4 in one gaff in one night! Couldnt possibly have done sexual things ro them all. Just a psycho who needed more and more in terms of bloodlust. Just shows that he had gone even darker than before mentally. Didnt care ultimately. Just fucking killed as many as possible. A clear fucking psycho. As one of the lads said, it was important that he got death as it meant he would never kill again. He would have killed immediately if hed ever got free again.


Well I think he got bored of covering his tracks and ultimately I have no doubt that he wanted to get caught, probably a little longer down the line mind you, so that he could get the notoriety. He wouldn’t have been satisfied killing 30 women and not getting the credit for it. If he told the women his real name it’s a moot point because he killed them all anyway. What he did do was tell one woman his name was Ted and she escaped from his car and raised the alarm. They still couldn’t narrow it down to him. It was only a year later when he had moved to Utah and was stopped by a traffic cop that they were able to connect this weird Ted chap driving around with the ski mask and handcuffs in the boot to the Ted in Washington state a year previous that a woman had reported had tried to assault her in his car.

Even notwithstanding all that, it takes a genius to escape from prison TWICE as a high profile multiple murder accused awaiting trial. The first time he planned to escape from the first floor of the court library that he was allowed to access due to representing himself in his trial. He practiced night after night for weeks jumping off the top bunk in his cell onto the ground so that he could build up the muscles in his legs for replicating that same jump he was going to do out the first floor window of the library. When a guard went for a piss he seized his chance, out the window and high tailed it up into the mountains where he lived wild for five days. The army and sniffer dogs and local gun club members went up looking for him and none of them could find him. He walked back into town after five nights and only got caught after first robbing a car and then deciding to do a u-turn back into town. If he’d kept going he may never have been caught.

The second time he escaped was even more incredible as it was from his prison cell and he was more infamous at this stage and had already escaped once. He first starved himself for a few weeks to make himself skinny enough to go through the hole he made one night Andy Dufrene style in the ceiling and up he went through the ducts and into the prison officers changing rooms where he changed into their uniform and walked straight out the gate. He was on the most wanted list in America when he went on the run but survived 50 something days on the run making it from Washington State all the way to Florida at the other end of the country and went on another killing spree. They hadn’t a breeze who killed those four girls in that dorm and another one a few blocks away in the one night until he was again stopped randomly by a traffic cop and the story unfolded from there. By his own words near the time of his execution he said he killed over 100 people.


In one of his interviews before he was executed he described his urge to murder like being thirsty. He said he didn’t go around every day looking fo murder somebody but that the urge grew over time, like getting thirsty and then killing somebody would satisfy it, he would feel bad about himself and then the thirst would grow again…


Your admiration of this serial killer is disturbing. You have killed before haven’t you. I can sense it in you.


What worries me there’s a fair chance there’s a few Bundy’s lurking around here I’d say( judging by the posts,my good self excluded of course)


To be honest, getting away with being a serial killer in a place as vast and largely remote as the US in the 70s seems to have been a piece of cake. So long as you didn’t look to scruffy and kept your business mostly out in the wilderness, with the absence of mobile phones, compooters and CCTV, you’d be graaaand. Twasn’t long before Bundy was doing his work in broad daylight, in crowds of people, using his own car and using his own name. A complete slave to his habit.


Fyre is s brilliant doc. Yer man telling the story about going around to the custom official to suck his cock to keep the show on the road was priceless


You’d probably enjoy ‘sour grapes’. A sorry tale about wine hustles, auction houses, so-called experts and vanity. It’s made me reassess the contents my nonexistent wine cellar


Wine is for steamers and the name ‘sour grapes’ wouldn’t suit me at all


My favourite part was Ja Rule’s “that’s not fraud, that’s false advertising” comment


A bigger cunt than Billy,


This is what’s holding you back