Ah not really. Just a bit thick I’d say. Billy was the brains of the operation


I reckon that particular story was a complete spoof.





Ah youre running away with yourself @smark. No genius uses his own car or his real name. There was serious incompetence afoot in the cops. His own girlfriend repored him to the cops. They couldnt investigate shit.
His first escape wsa opportunist but again, what idiots decide to leave murder suspect alone in a room with open windows?? I dont buy the ‘i strengthened my calves’ bollox either. Thats just him trying to make himself sound smart.


Couple of the lads have said they were necrophiliacs while younger but have buried that part of themselves for the most part.


Like it

  • His own girlfriend didn’t know shit about his crimes, she didn’t know him at all. Only that he was aloof and she had a bad feeling about him.

  • He said he strengthened his calves for weeks for the jump, it’s a fairly elaborate story to make up.

How did he evade capture in the wild for five nights up a mountain and a man hunt out on him if he was so stupid? Or break out of his prison cell subsequently and making his way from one side of America to the other using his wits, when he was most wanted man in America, lasting 50 plus days on the run until he started killing again.

He was dumb as shit i suppose? Anyone would get away with that?


Bundy was far from a genius — just lived at a time when it was easier to get away with his sick shit.

He’d be cuaght now after the first attack.


Im not suggesting he was dumb as shit. Im suggesting he was not a genius. All the people who interviewed him said he lied allthe time. They showed pictures of the cell and bunk he supposedly jumped off it was tiny. Hed have to have been crouching on the bed. Id say it was an opportunist escape and he made up the bit about the prep to make himself look smart. Thats all. His lawyers all said he seemed to have no idea the trouble he was making for himself in court. The girlfriend said she noticed the coincidences with him and the killings. She found a knife in his car ffs. She reported it and the cops fucked it up.


That’s happened in the ripper case also, evidence being overlooked etc, just the overwhelming amount of it at the time to sift through


Three episodes into True Detective … a great show and a return to form after season 2.


Watched last season halfway through it quite good


First thick sportsmen are genius’s, now it’s serial killers :laughing:


Just started season 1. Very good generally. But the continuous droll monologues from mcconaghy are fairly irritating.


By sitting up in the wilderness for five days while the Yanks tried to figure out how to look for him. He got caught in the end, by the way, when he decided to go back into the town he escaped from, and do a few u-turns in a stolen car.


Lads i need a decenr comedy film on netflix to watch woth mrs j asap please. Ta


The Other Guys


What medium are you watching it on, brah?


A tv. From netflix