It’s not on Netflix, smarty pants.


If you’re looking for classics

Stir Crazy
when Harry Met Sally


The Trip


Thats like saying the Kerry team of the 80s would get hammered by any team today. Ted would have adapted his game like the Kerry lads would have. Genius always finds a way.


Vexed,old but good


Faded gigolo.


At least i lived.




Copper’s one?




The two killings of Sam Cooke.

Excellent documentary. Wish it went more into the circumstances surrounding his death and felt it could have gone on a bit longer. Recommended.


Does one need to know who Sam Cooke is to enjoy said documentary?


Ah Rocko, you telling me you dont know much about history?


Who hasn’t heard of Sam Cooke?


But joking aside, no. Its excellent.

Shocked you havent heard of him though.


Sam Cooke’s dead?


Trainspotting 2 is up lads.


Fuck sake. Get your shit together, fuckhead.


Has been up for a while. Was never going to be nearly as good as the first. Still fun to watch Begbie with his nerdy teenage son


I like that they did something somewhat different with it while keeping much the same tone. I really enjoyed the scene where they robbed the orange bastards.

Overall I’m not sure the film was needed but it didn’t do anything to destroy the original and has its merits.