I liked it. Obviously you need to have seen the first one but theres more than enough in it and its definitely true to the original. And the life of Spud is brilliant.


There’s an idea…


@myboyblue -Have you watched the Umbrella Academy ? cc @cluaindiuic

Also, season 2 of Star Trek?


Seen 2 episodes of S02 Discovery, very decent so far

Haven’t watched UA yet but will give it a whirl at some stage as my own countryman is in it I believe


3 episodes into both and really enjoying them.


Wife is currently watching umbrella academy and loves it.
You can make your own mind up after that


Netflix is one big steaming pile of shite.


Fixed that for you. :+1:


I watched 22 July there a few days back. A film on the attacks in Oslo carried out by that Breveig loopball. A decent enough watch albeit fairly harrowing at time. They did a good job of depicting how much of a looney he was but then showing the impact on some of the sub characters like the Norwegian PM and the random defence lawyer who had to defend Breveig.


How could anyone think a service that provides movies and tv shows to you at a small cost is a pile of shite? You either purchase it, or you dont.


Ah, some people just need the attention.


Watching Dirty John with Eric Bana at the moment.

It is decent.

Bana is a class actor - surprised he had to take a Netflix series gig.


Because the movies and TV shows they provide are utter shit, particularly their Netflix original content. I’m sorry that you have no taste.


I was gonna chance it last night - but left it off. Most actors are at shows now, bro … bar the upper echelons.


Do you have a netflix account?


Not anymore.


The Umbrella Academy is worth a shot bro.


Great news. We probably wont see much of you in here going forward so.


You Netflix guys have a lot of time on your hands watching that shit.


Marie Kondo will change your life in ways you never thought imaginable.