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He should be sacked. That’s not silencing a person.

He can blame women for their own rape wherever else he wants.

Blaming a rape victim is an absolute no-no for a national radio presenter, and, as I said, the entirely logical follow through of Hook’s view is that people like Manuela Riedo were to blame for their own death - a truly sick idea.

Hook went on a rant about personal responsibility, and during that rant about personal responsibility, failed whatsoever to show any personal responsibility.

Cry me a river on his behalf.


Pro-sexual assault posters such as yourself should never give advice on topics relating to women.


Strange doesn’t even begin to describe him…

Trying to link this alleged rape case to the murder of Manuela Riedo tells you all you need to know about this sad fuck. In the case in question, a jury couldn’t reach a verdict, and without knowledge of all the evidence presented to the jury (rather than just the allegations of the alleged victim reported in the tabloids) who the fuck knows what actually happened.

The Manuela Riedo case is quite simple, a young girl needlessly lost her life because a psychopath who should have been behind bars was wandering around Galway looking for his next victim. If there is anyone responsible for her death, it is the liberal cunts who are opposed to tough sentencing laws.


Crowdsourced ideological autocracy. The tyranny of the outraged. The new puritanical church. There is no benefit of the doubt. Express any controversial opinion at your peril. The po-faced mob come baying. Lucky Hook didn’t quote Beyoncé…


You clearly haven’t read Hook’s comments.

But don’t let me stop you from commenting on something you know nothing about.

Hook asked "But is there no blame now to the person who puts themselves in danger?”

In terms of the Manuela Riedo case, what is the logical follow on from such a mindset as to who was to blame?

Answer me that, please.

Your assertion that it was not Gerald Barry, the murdering scumbag, but “liberal cunts”, who were to blame for Manuela Riedo’s murder, is noted, by the way.


Going to a hotel room with someone you just met is putting yourself in danger. Hook’s language is appalling in the use of the word “blame”.

How did Manuela Rioda put herself in danger? She would be alive today if Ireland had proper sentencing laws which would have kept Gerald Barry where he belonged.


How about if Hook joked about 3 men dying in a farming accident and suggesting they receive the Darwin Award. Or made a rape/sexual abuse joke.

@sidney - your outrage is bollox and adopting a arguing position which is not founded in any personal conviction or belief. Therefore a WUM. Which has failed.


Read your first sentence back (which is tripe, by the way) and follow your own logic through.

That’s if you know anything about the case, which, given that you’ve made up your own mind that “if there is anyone responsible for her death, it is the liberal cunts who are opposed to tough sentencing laws”, I assume you don’t.


You’re doing a damn fine job of outing yourself as a faux-outraged snowflake here, pal.

Poor WUMming on your part, as you might say yourself.


I know enough about the Manuela Rioda case to know Gerald Barry was a violent psychopath who shouldn’t have been free to stalk his next victim. I also know enough about criminal psychology to know that blaming psychopaths for their actions is futile as they have no emotions like empathy or remorse, it’s as senseless as blaming a dog for barking. The only thing a psychopath cares about is his or her own pleasure, they have zero feelings about the pain and suffering inflicted on others.

The real blame in the Manuela Rioda case lies with a legal system that continues to recycle violent criminals back onto the streets, and liberal cunts who oppose tough sentencing for violent crime. There’s no point blaming psychopaths, but we should expect a legal system to protect society from the most violent ones.


One of the funniest things here is @Sidney’s repeated implication that he has charmed numerous young ladies into wanting his sex so bad that they disregarded his obvious sociopathy :smile:


You apparently know enough about Gerald Barry to give him a pass as regards where the real blame lies for Manuela Riedo’s murder.

You’re so blinded by your hatred for your imagined “liberal” bogeyman (sorry, bogeyperson) that you blame the imagined bogeyperson, not the actual murderer.

Personal responsibility, eh, tut, tut.


I’m not giving him a pass. He needs to be incarcerated for life, but knowing Ireland he will be out in a few years…


Williams in mourning this morning now the garda commissioner is gone.


Pretty telling, though, wasn’t it, how your first reaction was to put the blame on “liberal cunts”, rather than the actual murderer.

Something that I don’t find particularly surprising from you, to be honest.

There’s a rich pathology there in reactionary right-wing politics that preaches “personal responsibility” yet seeks to shift blame away from actual perpetrators of serious crime and onto others in order to suit a self-serving agenda.


I’m almost afraid to ask this, but what did Hook say? I’ve missed all this and am not arsed reading through a few hundred posts to find out.


Conservatives are tough on crime and favor strong sentencing laws. The majority of states in the US, a very conservative country compared to most European countries, have a three strikes law for violent crime. The facts say the opposite to your claim.


The key line is “But is there no blame now to the person who puts themselves in danger?"

The rest of the general tone of misogyny is window dressing in comparison.



The US has fuck all to teach even Ireland’s keystone cops as regards dealing with crime, given that 13,000 people die due to gun violence each year and you see fit to do the square root of SFA about it.

Then when a civil society group rightly protests about the treatment of black people at the hands of police, you label them a “hate group” or a “terrorist group”.

The US is one of the very last places anybody should look to as regards how to deal with crime.


He got off to a bad start by claiming the girl/woman was raped. She alleges she was raped and a jury acquitted the accused of one charge and couldn’t reach a verdict on the other charge. Hook should be fired for making that erroneous claim alone, before he went on to his misguided rant.