New Newstalk line up


Unlike Ireland, the US has an excellent legal system where repeat violent offenders are jailed for life. The fact that there is high gun violence in the US is not the fault of the police or the legal system. Personal responsibility remember…




Williams basically self described himself as a policing expert this morning. :grinning:



Sometimes you need to be more subtle with your wummery mate.


I’m off to bed but in the course of your day please outline the merits of the Irish sentencing laws for violent crime versus the US.


I hadn’t heard either. What did @Sidney say about Tony Keady?



That was superb. Absolutely classic Williams.
What a smug cunt.




I hadn’t heard either what did the NOGRA like about Duggan?


Paul Williams, you are a policing expert, how would you tackle the country’s criminals?
Well the first step is to the give them all nicknames.


Who is Duggan?


some guy that died last week



That’s a very strange reply? Do you think I had read it? Given that it’s buried deep in one of @Sidney’s ‘hilarious’ comedy pieces it shouldn’t come as a shock that fellas weren’t arsed reading it. I’ve read it now. It’s not satire.


I think it’s a perfectly normal reaction to say – ‘what the fuck was she doing going there’ … but George worded it wrong and shouldn’t have used the word ‘blame’ in particular…even tho she did put herself in a certain place she can’t be blamed in any way for events that happened - but it’s a natural thought to cross everyone’s mind when something like that happens.


The fact that she was a teenager didn’t help George’s rant either


Not excusing him at all, as a public figure he should be more responsible with his choice of words, but he is of a different generation and he has a show to sell so you get what you get.

I’ve never, ever tuned in to the cunt.


I am reminded of the girl who met Simon Zebo & Conor Murray one night in Dublin and suffered unintended consequences


Did @TheUlteriorMotive ever get to see the video he signed up to the site for?


I am 500 posts away from unlocking it.