New Newstalk line up


No Hook on Pat kenny today. Wonder if will do his show today


Hook apologising to the world.


Clayton hotels have pulled their sponsorship of the show now. Bad weekend for the hookster


Who else has pulled their sponsorship?


Someone else will come in and sponsor the show in a week or two when things settle down again.


I suppose they had no option after he drew attention to the risks women were taking staying in hotels.



He looks like a rapist.


What a prick


Who Chris or CM?


Ingrid and Chris


In fairness, Chris gives a voice to those people who are already massively over represented in the media.


i remember in the early days of courting my missus, a good bit back in fairness. but waking up in the spoon position with me half inside her and half out. probably my second or third time with her. i remember thinking that she had sided into me and i think the wiggling motion she was at woke me. either way i was inside. and had no knowledge of how i got there.


That’s a lovely story. I’d say your wedding speech was a hoot.


Chris is bland and very expendable to his employer . Hook and Yatesy get the numbers and the big moola. There are many can replace Chris .


what are the differences in listening numbers between Hook & O’Donaghue?


Does Donoghue have a show?


he did I believe


Ah yeah but does he anymore? He can’t have ratings now if he doesn’t.

I thought he was shunted for Yates. TBH I’ve never listened to Donoghue much apart from when in taxis and found Hook a repellent broadcaster so don’t have a dog in this fight.


I don’t know .