New Newstalk line up


He has a Sunday morning show. It’s shite. He had some woman on yesterday talking about how she wishes George Bush junior was the current president. Apparently torture and illegal wars are easier to tolerate than trumps stupidity as at least bush had s bit of class.


He got Yates’s Sunday gig.



Repellent is a good word for Hook.
It captures my view of him quite neatly.


he had a show but listeners generally despise him and he was dropped. he is now reporting from the circuit court, delivering facts not opinion.


What did Chris do that wasn’t heroic? Did he resign from his token job in protest or something?


Chris has the lads here dancing like a puppet on a string. They’re all over his every utterance. :clap:


Sure he does. As you feel you do regularly. What did he do/say/feel in relation to Hook?


Please don’t use the word “feel” in any sentence with Hook’s name in it. It’s making me nauseous.


A standard @Sidney avoidance of the question.


I just found this online. So he said somebody should go to town on George Hook??? Not that it should be him or anything? Hilarious.
Even funnier is when the indo say Chris was recently promoted!!! Surely the could be sued for factual inacurracy?


You sound very outraged. Chin up.


Your @sidneysenses are spectacularly wrong again. It’s hilarious. You may have picked up on that from when I used the word ‘hilarious’ in my initial post. But you didn’t. Keep trying fella. The 10,000 hours technique you’re trying to learn the internet will pay off eventually.


It’s almost as if all of this was planned to assist with Yatesys return. There’s been more people talking about Newstalk than ever before


Yes it is hilarious. But the joke’s entirely on you, my friend.


I believe the joke is on Chris. Desperate for a bit of public interest. Desperately trying to get George sacked so he can have a shot at Primetime radio again.


Can you get promoted when your self employed. ?


Absolutely. I went from head of distribution to CEO in one year.


Mary Coughlan just threw the cat among the pigeons.Walked out of an interview with Ivan Yeates in protest. Ivan was stumbling and stuttering.


I’d call that a win win.


What did Ivan say to her? Has Chris been onto twitter yet calling for yates head?