New Newstalk line up


Is that Mary the singer? I remember posting a spot of her out on the sauce in the Celebrity Spotting Thread a while back.


She’s off the grog for ages, mate.


Nothing she just said afrer he introduced her sorry ivan but im not doing an interview coz of george hook. Yates asked her was she aware he had apologised and she said yes she was but it wasnt his first time saying it


She had no problem talking to Kenny last week when it suited her needs.


She was well on it that night.


Yep, I assumed it was the former Tanaiste but no it was only the depressed alcoholic former singer from galway. She is back in the limelight again for two minutes.


That’s viciously unprofessional. She might find it hard to find a producer that will book her next time she’s trying to publicise an album or a tour.


Ivan shoukd have ripped into the cunt there and then and asked where her morals were when she was selling out the country.




Is it the singer or that ex taniste from donegal?


Well she was on this to promote her tour as well and she wouldnt even let him get started. Shes as mad as a box of frogs id say


this is a thing of beauty


She is always going on about the auld depression, and she’s been dried out a dozen times, she’s had more abortions than hits and has had 100 different jockies.
I hope newstalk blacklist the dirty bitch.


I saw a picture of Aisling Thompson today on the news website and I could see right up inside her, its disregardful the way she has defaced herself with tattoos



I don’t like tattoos but at least when they’re done in a tasteful way on a woman, like Jodie Marsh, they don’t take away from the beauty. Aisling Thompson looks a Pete Burns tribute act.


The singer or the politician?


Throw up the picture for reference purposes there like


Some great internetting here this evening .


Does it matter?


This was after 6pm, I take it? Newstalk have wiped the whole hour from their play back section.

Not that I’d have been able to listen to it anyway had it been up as their website is so useless.

I must log it on the Terrible Websites thread.