New Newstalk line up





John should have been going to SuperValu anyway.


200 euro a week is a lot is it not?


There’s one positive from all of this.


No, not with a family. If anything it’s low.


Ha, I’m afraid not. Depends on what you’re buying for obviously, but for a family, lunches, etc, it wouldn’t be.




No wonder McGuirk is such a fat cunt.


Christ no


I still live with the parents so I wouldn’t know much about doing the family shop


If he goes to Supervalu it’ll be 20k, but ya Tesco is shit.

This “walk out” and resultant publicity is a disaster for Ivan’s brand new show isn’t it…


Might not be €200 in one go but the wife does the weekly shop on a Saturday which can come in at anything between €120/150
During the week there’s always a few bits need buying and that would easily put up another €50/80


Thanks for letting us know that Mike.


is it all in one shop mate or do you go butchers, grocers then supermarket?



You’d drop that in the off license section of a Friday on the way home from work.


Careful now.


Watch it.


did you win poster of the year last year mate?

2 in a row is a strong possibility