New Newstalk line up


I see Maldron Hotels have pulled sponsorship of the Hook show. As a result i have decided that from this day forward i will not be visiting any of the dozens of fine escorts working out of Maldron Hotels thruout the country and will be canvassing fellow punters to do likewise.


This story is a classic for the day.

He’s apologised. Even if you like or dislike the guy, don’t people deserve a second chance?



So they backed down, and instead of abiding by their beliefs and morals, leaked it to their buddies in The Journal.

Way to stick it to the man.


There’s a very easy way to deal with this. Sack him now and get it over with. Maybe Richard Keys might get Hook in as a rugby pundit for his shows on BeIn Sports or Talksport in a similar way to how Hook got Ron Atkinson in as a football pundit shortly after Atkinson called Marcel Desailly whatever he called him.


He’s screwed so.

Most of the researchers there have been paid buttons for years in comparison to the likes of Hook and Yates and want their revenge. They’ve been moaning to the Phoenix about it but now finally the mainstream will take him out.


I believe Hook is an arse hole to work with which always counts for a lot when the shit goes down.


No doubt.


Thst really is a factor . A lot of the staffers in these media companies are very well educated in their field but the salaries ain’t commensurate they feel . Old men like Hook and Yately are earning factoral salaries . It must grate .


By all accounts a pig .


No surprise to see misogyny and rape culture associated with rugby again. Dear oh dear…


Would George’s outlook have been learned from rugby circles? Apart from half-pint referees they seem to have very little respect for anyone.


Yes – It starts with their first tour – You’d often hear the Shannon/Young Munster/Garryowen boys coming back from an U16 /U 18 tour to Wales back in the day bragging about spit roasting - sharing prostitutes and just general use and abuse of women in general – Just seems to be a mentality bred into them early and often.


That tallies with my limited exposure to these type of people.


Third chance in his case.

He made an even worse comment before on air where he suggested that sharing a bed with someone amounted to implied consent.

Still what else would you expect from a pig but a grunt.


I had no idea about that.


Hypothetically… you go into a relationship with somebody, be it marriage or be it you’re living with someone. So now you’re sharing a bed with somebody, yes, and obviously sexual congress takes place on a regular basis because you’re living with someone. Is there not an implied consent therefore that you consent to sexual congress?


George is a relic of a bygone era thank god.


He’s making a holy show of his wife.


She must be well used to it by now in fairness. Hes an awful eejit