New Newstalk line up


She’ll have the lederhosen on waiting for him this evening


He’s been doing that his whole life.

His business career.:joy:


Hook’s routine is fine once it’s bringing in the ad revenue. But inevitably, those ‘outrageous’ controversy seeking types say some shit that makes the advertisers pull their money. And that tends to be that. If he’s threatening the company’s revenues then what’s the point of having him there?


What kind of an animal still shops in Tesco?


She’d be a lovely ride


I don’t know whether I am surprised in a really fucking disgusted way or not surprised at all in a really fucking saddened way that there are posters on this forum who spend time equivocating about rape and blame.
Rape happens in the workplace, rape happens in churches, rape happens on the street, in bedrooms, in the marital home, in sporting organizations. This bullshit about women putting themselves in harms way is exactly that - bullshit. The problem here is men who see an opportunity and then try to shift the blame for their own actions. They are to blame. The blame has got absolutely fucking nothing to do with the woman. You’re not a man if you want to lay blame for rape at the feet of the victim. You’re a fucking coward.
Cop your fucking selves on.


Waterford Whispers is very hit and miss but this is definitely a crunching hit.


that’s shit


This guy is a retired Garda sergeant…

This is beyond satire.


Please make sure Sid gets that memo.


You’re missing the point.

Nobody is blaming victims, on here, anyway.

It should however be acknowledged that people need to exercise a certain amount of responsibility and due care to one self. Going back to a stranger’s room under the influence of alcohol is inadvisable and girls in particular should exercise more care. That does not mean they are to blame.


That’s democracy, mate. We are all entitled to an opinion and debate ensues - You just hope common sense prevails… Frank seems to be of the same vintage as George and is expressing old school/ out dated values … In 20 years some one will be flagging your outdated outbursts and sneering at you…


The replies to that tweet are off the chain.


What did GH actually say?


That’s a huge vote of confidence in my internet prowess, cheers for that.


has his spud hockey club disowned him yet?


George seemed to suggest that because a women went to a hotel and had consensual sex with one man she should not be surprised to be raped by another man soon after.


That he’s still employed really shows up the culture of cronyism and jobs for the boys for life in the private sector.



Are cunts like McGuirk that needy ?